D3 colleges in south?

are D3 colleges mostly in the north or are there good programs in the south. also does juco use metal or wood bats

For some reason the DIII Schools in the north always produce some of the best teams in the country but there are a few good schools in what i consider the “south”

Bridgewater college in VA, Ferrum college in VA.

Maryland isn’t exactly the south but some of their DIII schools are very competitive in Regionals every year.

Also the wood bat thing just depends on the conference.

do D3 coaches mainly send you stuff if they are intersted or do you haveto contact them. if so what should you do to contact them to see if you can play on their team next year

If you are interested in a program, contact them. Personally. We here in Fla. have some ok programs. NAIA, D-1,2,3 CC whatever your skill can take you to…or I should say skill and grades/SAT. Ga. , Alabama and Mississippi have outstanding programs and Tn and Ky are absolutely knocking at the door.

if no one is talking to you then you have to take the initiative and talk to them.

Also its important that if you are trying to get a coach to see you play, be realistic…Coaches dont have the time or $$ especially D3 coaches to go and see someone they arn’t initially recruiting. So talking to schools near your area is always good. Give them a copy of your schedule to see if they can make it to a game…

I would like to pass on a suggestion to you if you do find a DII institution and you find a player or two that seem to be the shinning star(s) of that club. In fact, the more you watch-em, the more your convinced –THEY ARE THE CLUB!!

It’s not unusual for some players who want to play big time college ball, to get their “seasoning” at the DIII level. I’ve coach a lot of them, as have hundreds of other coaches. Why? Well, to be honest with you, we sometimes get what we can get. Baseball isn’t the draw it use to be in some parts, combine with the playing area that sports specific, insurance,
literally no ticket sales whatsoever, and a very small alumni base. On the other hand, coaches have to eat, tradition has its place, and a stepping stone program isn’t all that bad – when compared to no program at all.

On the flip side of all this, you can find a wealth of coaching know-how at this level from coaches that no longer seek the pace of DI institutions and even the professional ranks… Their knowledge base can be prolific as it is dynamic. How can you tell? Oh, you’ll pick up on it right away. It’s hard to describe, but you’ll know. You’ll also find a mix of rookie coaches whose enthusiasm is like a tuning-fork. I had an office next to a young coach like that – we nicknamed him “bottle rocket!”

If it would help you, I have a complete listing of DIII conference schools in
The Southern Belt, would you like that listing- you-all?

Coach B.

im actually looking at colleges in the north but just posted this becuase all the top D3 schools seem to be in the north

May I suggest an outstanding college:
Springfield College
Springfield, Massachusetts

Their programs are world famous. Their baseball program is outstanding with the kind of coaching that mirrors big time. Their web site is worth visiting.

If I sound a little bias - I am. This college is in my home town and I have the highest respect for their institution’s mission statement, the men and women that have gone on into the community and HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE no matter what subject was their major.

Their baseball program belongs to the following:
The New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference (NEWMAC) is an association of ten selective academic institutions that are committed to providing high quality competitive athletic opportunities for student-athletes within an educational and respectful environment that embodies the NCAA Division III philosophy.

The NEWMAC was established in 1998, when the former New England Women’s 8 Conference voted to begin sponsoring conference play and championships for men. At this time, the conference expanded its membership to include Springfield College and the United States Coast Guard Academy.

The NEW 8 began play in 1985-86 as the New England Women’s 6 Conference (NEW 6). Charter members were Babson College, Brandeis University, MIT, Smith College, Wellesley College and Wheaton College. Mount Holyoke College and WPI joined in 1988 and the name was changed to the NEW 8 Conference. At the conclusion of the 1994-95 academic year, Brandeis University withdrew from the NEW 8 to join the University Athletic Association and Clark University accepted membership, keeping the NEW 8’s membership at eight institutions.