D3 baseball "scholarship"

can d3 schools increase you scholarship if you are good enough? as in, upgrade your academic package? -or something like that

D1 schools can and often do … but not sure about D3, since the scholarship packages are set up differently under the academic umbrella…

Technically no…but does it happen…Yes. One of my friends got basically got a 2,000 dollar scholarship to play baseball to play at a d3 school in Iowa. It was called something like the “College’s name” scholarship.

D3 can offer “special needs” scholarships, so if the school “needs” a left handed pitcher, for example, they will find a way to fund you – as long as you have good grades and test scores (that’s much more important for D3).

Please take what I’m about to tell you as a situation that exits for all the right reasons. Please don’t read into this with a sub-current, or slight-of- hand.

So, you’re interested in a D3 school - good for you, and I mean that sincerely. Excellent!

A good education, the ability to mix with a social base, make friends and introduce yourself to the field of study that lights your fire, and perhaps, some where along the way, you’ll graduate and make this a better world for us all.

Now comes the hard part … $$$$ - bucks!

So, I’m the Skipper of a D3 club, and I’ve got the potential of getting a great youngster, good fiber of person, pretty good ball player too! Now if I’m as creative as I should be - which I am, and good look’n ta boot, I’m going to make a few phone calls, see who’s got the need for an honest, hard working youngster, and well … you can fill in the blanks.

Now is there anything not on the up-n-up? Is there anything here that the NCAA will find fault with? Is any one going to jail?

NO - NO - NO, to all of the above.

Here’s the situation - where you go to school is no different than any other part of the country - an employer needs workers. And most if not all jobs are filled with a combination of talent and “who-ya-know”. So, I keep informed of “boasters” that have connections in the work place, who in turn want to see this institution in the winner’s circle.

Now when this is done honestly and openly, it works for everybody. The employers get a hard working youngster that’s got goals, needs money, and can be depended on. The youngster gets a few bucks, learns whats it like to work and study at the same time, which is no small thing let me tell you.

What I described above doesn’t cover 100% of the expenses for a college education. What it does do is to soften the financial impact.

On the other hand - getting $30,000 a year to hold a towel in car wash, no-show jobs, and the like are the down side to this “way of doing business”. That’s were mom and dad come in. Their experience in the world pays off big time here - listen!

The creativity of some athletic programs are there to help you - but, be mindful of the "it’s just too good to be true" stuff along the way.

Every single club that I was with had “interns”, and other spots that really didn’t pay much - if at all. It was a way to get introduced to the business end of this sport. But, every once and a while we needed something done and it was a kind gesture to give the work to a youngster at a local college that needed the bucks. Nothing under-handed or under the table. Work like cleaning and similar stuff.

Coach B.