d1 ready? need help

i’m a midwest kid. i have 2 high schools seasons left and 2 summer ball seasons left. but, i’m going to tour and throw for a couple d1’s and i really want some help. i currently average about 80 and top at 82-83. i have confidence in all my pitches. but what would help me gain the most velocity in the next 4 months? i haven’t trained too much. just looking for ideas!

*Bands, get a good work out and stick to it!
*Sprints, not long distance contrary to popular belief
*Long-toss, this one is the key to gaining velo. find a really good long toss program and do it right don’t not throw hard you have to practice throwing hard before you can throw harder.
*Working out regularly, find a work out that pushes you not something that waste peoples time.
Try these things i think you will be surprised how much hard work helps

Another possibiltiy is weighted balls, 4-6 oz. Throw the heavier one first, then lighter, then a regular 5 oz baseball. Perfect your mechanics too.

And let me tell you about THE SECRET.
In a nutshell, you need to get your whole body into the action and not just throw with your arm and shoulder. When you drive off the lower half of the body, using your legs, your hips and your torso in one continuous motion, you generate more power behind your pitches, and this takes a lot of pressure off the arm and the shoulder so that you can throw harder—and faster—with much less effort. I learned this a long time ago, when I would go to Yankee Stadium (the original ballpark) and watch the pitchers, and I noticed that the Yanks’ Big Three pitchers were all doing this. I saw just how they were doing it, and I made a note of it and started working on it on my own.
As I practiced this essential element of good mechanics I found that not only was I doing the same thing they were, with like results, but also my natural sidearm delivery was getting more snap and sizzle to it. I was not particularly fast—in fact, I was a confirmed snake-jazzer—but I too could throw harder with less effort: how NOT to get a sore arm or a sore shoulder or a sore anything else! And it certainly helped my control.
And that is THE SECRET. 8)

I think you need to make an investment in visiting a dedicated training facility like an Athletes Performance or IPI or Athletes Acceleration, etc., where you can get hooked up with a certified strength and conditioning specialist and have them test your current imbalances and set you up on a program. Might cost $1,250-$4,000, depending, but I sincerely think that’s the type of investment that needs to be made. Low 80s for D1 is tough; we didn’t have many kids on our pitching staff (including our mid-week, non-conference starters) that weren’t at least 85 mph. However, I will say that if you went D3, you could dominate and punish some teams with a low-80’s fastball if you threw well.

well i turned 17 two months ago! so i hope i can squeeze out high 80’s in the year and a half i have left of high school!

A good throwing program that i picked up is throwing a home run. What i mean is work to throwing the ball over the fence from home plate. Once I started this “program” i saw a velo gain from 83-88 in a month and a half.

hey man, i throw mid 80’s and im 16. i have a decent work out program but its mostly just a lot of quick burst running exercises. if you ever watch a pro warm up all that they usually do is sprints and towel throws. i would reccomend the towel throws because (for me at least) it built up the muscles in my shoulder and elbow. also build up your core with a lot of sit ups and any other core exercises. best of luck to you and maybe we can compete against each other down the road.

midwest… do you live in chicago?