D1 pitcher

I am 14 years 1 month and have a 81-82 mph fastball is this in line with a d1 recruit?? Also i am 5-10 and 145 lbs with a lot of weight to gain. I am very flexible and decently strong what is the best way to increase my velocity. I also have good control curve, change

Get with a good strength coach. Get stronger and gain some weight. The velocity should come.

At your age - Out Sleep and Out Eat your opponents. Shoot for a body weight of 2.75 times your height in inches (if 70 inches tall x 2.75 = 192.5lbs). Just by adding 40 solid lbs of good weight should increase your velo by 3-5 mph. Your velo will go up and down so do get stuck on that at the moment. At 14 my son was 5’ 11" (never grew after that) at 83mph 5-6 times out of 50-60 pitches per game. As a Junior in HS he was at 84-85 but this year as a senior he is at 87-88 and hit 90 for the 1st time. Trust the process and get as strong as you can particularly in your core for stability, forward/reverse lunges, deadlift, chinups, rows etc. Make the weight room your best friend! Don’t lift weights with a belt - it can easily break the kinematic sequence once on the mound. If you don’t play with a belt don’t train with a belt. Long toss out of your delivery or leg lift 1-2 times a week if possible, crow hops are not permitted off the mound.

Make sure you have at least a 3.0 GPH provided the talent is there the higher the GPA the better chance of getting offers.

Metrics for a D1 pitcher at the moment taken from a recruiting website. The lower end of velos stated below are acceptable for LHP if RHP add 4-5 MPH to minimum

What do college baseball scouts look for in a pitcher?

Division 1

  • Pitch velocity: 84 MPH consistently; up to 95+ MPH
  • Command of at least 3 pitches
  • ERA: below 2.00
  • At least 1 K per inning pitched
  • Walk less than 1 batter per 2 innings pitched

Division 2

  • Pitch velocity: 82 MPH – 90+ MPH
  • Control of one off-speed pitch and 1 additional pitch thrown to spots consistently
  • ERA: below 3.00
  • Around 1 K per 1 innings pitched
  • Walk around 1 batter per 2 innings pitcher

Division 3 and NAIA

  • Pitch velocity: 77 MPH – 82 MPH
  • Control of at least one off-speed pitch and developing another
  • Strike out to walk ratio of 1:1
  • ERA: 2.50–3.50

Junior College

  • Pitch velocity: 80 MPH consistently
  • 1 or less than 1 K per inning pitched
  • ERA: below 4.00