D1 Lefty pitcher

[size=18]I have a very big question that needs to be answered. I am a college division 1 pitcher, left-handed. I throw from 88-91 hitting 92 at times. I hope to get drafted this year as a junior but I hurt my arm in a great lakes game this summer and i need answeres mechanically. My lattismuss dorsi muscle and under-arm area are very sore and have been on and off like this for about two years. I have a very violent recoil and i think this could be to blame. But what in my mechancis caused this. Also after my last start my underarm swelled up and I had to get an mri but thankfully it was not torn and needs rest. But i fear that this will happen again if I do not fix this problem

I will try to get a video up but if anyone can help me it would be great

As a division one athlete you have access to some of the best athletic trainers money can buy and because of this you should use THEIR guidance, not some people you meet on the internet. If your team trainers dont already know of your pain you should tell them right away or risk losing a spot or trust from your coach

Hey Hoya

Just a thought, If the people who are some of the best money can buy are so good, how come he has been injured off and on for 2 years? I would think maybe they would have helped correct this nagging injury or mechanical flaw if they were " the best money can buy ".

The advice here is some of the best around. Obviously you have to filter some people but there are a handful of guys on here who know thier stuff.

More impotantly where is the coaching staff to correct any mechanical
flaws. You have probably properly diagnosed the cause of your problem.
Recoiling can put extra stress on the muscles, and limit range of motion.
What you probably need to do is to work on following through on your delivery so that you throwing arm goes over the opposite leg and your
throwing arm shoulder points at the catcher. I wouldn’t be surprised if you even pick up some velocity.


Just copy that link and put it into the web browser. It is still photos of my mechincs