D1 In The Making- Pitching Log



As of right now coach plans on me moving up to varsity once we sees I can produce. I have thrown five bullpens so far (one a week)
1st - 30 (fb)
2nd- 35 (fb, ch)
3rd- 40 (fb, ch, crv)
5th- 50 (fb, ch, crv)
6th- 45 (fb,ch,crv)

Our first scrimmage is this Friday, I am going throw the first three innings of the JV game. I have never pitched at this field but it is high quality so I should be fine. I am excited to get back out there and hopefully that Friday night I’ll be showing y’all a nice stat line.



Last Friday in the scrimmage, I had this stat line

1 IP 1 H 2 SO 1 BB 1 ER

The runner from the walk was able to get to third on two past balls which was my major mistake I made but otherwise it was a decent inning. The reason I only threw one was because I had to leave the game early to catch a flight to Los Angeles where I watched two UCLA baseball games. The strikeouts were off of one high fastball swing and miss and I froze a batter with a curve. I looked and felt good except that it was only 40 degrees lol.

Coach is talking about moving up to Varsity soon and we haven’t even played the first real game yet. Next week is our first four varsity games and first two JV games. I will throw the first JV game next Friday. Today I threw a live bullpen and threw well. 1 IP 2SO 1 HBP 0 ER

I feel good and I think my velo is sitting around 85 right now but as it warms up I should be sitting at upper 80s touching 90. Fastball command is going well but curveball command is almost even better. I have sort of lost my changeup for now but I’m working to get it back every time I throw. Thank you.