D1 In The Making- Pitching Log


October 27
First I hit
60 off the tee and 60 soft toss
Ran 1.25 miles in jog/walk/sprint intervals
Did ab routine
Leg extension
Lat pulls
Leg press
Box jumps


October 28
No lifting today the gym wasn’t open
Still did ab routine
Ran 15x 30 yard sprints
Hit 60 off tee and 60 soft toss
Caught flyballs


As everyday comes and goes I am getting more and more excited for this next season. I will start to be posting videos of me throwing on flat ground so you guys and review my mechanics. I also and going to try to make my own personal workout routine instead of just doing the one my coach gives me. I am also going to try and either find somewhere that has a radar gun or just buy one, my school does have one but coach only lets us use it in February months. I want to know what my velocity is very badly, in April I had someone tell me I throw at least 70 and then I had one teammate recently say 75 and another recently say 78. Of course my goal is 75 for freshman year but anything higher would help quite a bit. I also have recently decided that I am not only going to limit myself to a D1 school in the south. Another thing I have been wondering about is filling out recruiting questionnaires on college websites?


Here is my mechanics, they have gotten a lot better in these most recent months, any comments?


October 31
Happy Halloween!
Today I first ran 1.5 miles
I hit 60 soft toss
First I did bench press
3x 5 (90 lbs)
Lat pulls 2x 20 (40 lbs)
Seated row 2x 15 (40 lbs)
Leg extension 2x 15 (75 lbs)
Leg press 2x 20 (90 lbs)
Box jumps 2x 10
Lay pulls 2x 15 (50 lbs)
Seated row 2x 20 (50 lbs)


November 1
I turn 15 on the 29th of this month
First I caught flyballs
I hit 60 off the tee and 25 soft toss
Ran 6 foul poles
Lat pulls
Leg press
Leg extension
Lateral raises
Ab routine
I also am going to get a shipment of baseballs that are coming in and will be here any minute now and once they get here I will throw for a little bit


November 3
First I threw for not long
Then I hit soft toss about 60-70
I ran a mile in intervals of jog/walk/sprint
Then I did bench press
Lat pulls
And leg extension


November 4
First caught flyballs
Did band routine
Did bent knee squats
Sprints was
15x 30 yard sprints
Hit 60 off tee
Hit 40 soft toss


November 6
Did work on the curveball today, I was able to make it more 12-6 towards the end instead of it being a slurve. I think it is coming along pretty nicely. This would be a great addition to my arsenal for this season. I have also stopped throwing off the mound and in December I won’t throw at all.



When you work on your breaking balls…do not become the breaking ball! I cannot tell whether or not you break up your sets with a fastball instead of throwing curveball after curveball…but essentially your body starts to adjust to the pitch in what you want it to do instead of just working on good mechanics with a different grip.

Do not become the pitch…you work on the grip with good mechanics. Mechanics are key to finding out what your true off speed pitches need to be instead of trying to mold pitches you like to your arsenal.

Just watch how you continuously keep falling more and more off after landing. This is a sign that you are becoming the pitch instead of working on the grip.

Another easy tip to remember when working on a breaking ball is to think of spinning it faster not throwing it hard.


November 8, 10
Both of these days were fairly rough
8- 1.5 miles
10- 4x 50 yard sprint
6x 40 yard sprint
8x 30 yard sprint
8- 70 Soft toss
10- 60 off the tee
Was same on both days
Leg extension 3x 10
Leg press 3x 10
Lat pull 3x 12
Rows 3x 10
Squat 3x 10
Land Mine 4x 7
Deadlift 4x 5
Lateral Raises 4x 10
Overhead press 3x 10


November 11
First caught flyballs
Did band routine
Hit 60 soft toss
3x10 Power Cleans
3x 10 Deadlifts
3x 10 Squats
3x 10 Lat Pulls
3x 10 Lateral Raises
3x 10 Overhead Press
3x 10 Leg Extension
2x 10 Leg Press
15x 30 yard sprints

No throwing today, but tommorrow I will throw and probably post a video


November 14
Caught flyballs at the beginning
Ran 1.25 miles in jog/walk/sprint intervals
Power clean
Squat Pyramid
Lat pulls
Lateral Raises
Overhead press
Leg extension
Leg press
Ordered a new glove yesterday


November 15
Hit 60 off the tee 60 soft toss
Ran sprints
4x 50 yards
6x 40 yards
8x 30 yards
Same lifting routine as usual, I think I may be done throwing for November and December, I’ll still work on mechanics with no ball though


November 17
Ran 6 laps
Caught flyballs
Did lifting routine
November 18
No workout today


November 21
Caught flyballs
Ran 1.5 miles in intervals of jog/walk/sprint
Did band routine
Squat 3x10 (125,175, 225)
Lat pulls 3x 10 (50, 50, 60)
Leg extension 5x 20 (110)
Leg press 3x 10 (250)
Deadlift 3x10 (150)
Ab routine
November 22
Hit 60 off the tee and 30 soft toss
Ran 18x 30 yard sprints
Deadlift 3x 10 (150)
Clean press 3x 5 (125)
Leg extension 5x 20 (110)
Bench press 2x 10 (120)
Dumbbell press 3x 10 (60)
Overhead press 3x 10 (20)


What weights are you using? Looks like you’re really making great strides - keep it up!


Thanks, I edited it and put the weights I used in parenthesis @Steven_Ellis


November 26
I had a great thanksgiving, didn’t eat too many sweets and ran a mile on the 25th and 24th. Since August when I was 175, I have lost 5 pounds of fat and have gained an Inch in height. Now I am 5’10" and 170 pounds. Also since August my squat has gone from 230 to 260.


Sorry it has been so long but I have been doing all of my routines for the past week and days, even in this cold weather I’ve still gone out and ran. Lifting has been mostly the same with adding some bench press more. I am very anxious and excited for this season. I think this is going to be a big one for me.