D1 In The Making- Pitching Log


September 20
Caught balls and fielded ground balls at first base
Had trouble with being able to step off the bag for balls that a far way
Hit 20 off the tee and 20 overhand
Ran bases
4 first to second 4 second to home
Did band routine
Did leg press 4x 10 (50 lb)
I tried for the first time a pyramid squat routine
105 x 10
125 x 8
145 x 6
165 x 4
185 x 2
125 x 8

Next time I will change it to
120 x 10
145 x 8
165 x 6
185 x 4
195 x 3
205 x 2
165 x 6


September 22
Caught balls from first base. Did better today
Hit 30 off tee and 40 underhand
Did my band routine
Ran bases 1 HR 2 3B 3 2B 4 1B
4x 10 leg press (70 lb)
Squat pyramid
125 x 10
145x 8
165x 6
185x 4
205x 2
145x 6
75 Russian twist
75 scissors
1:00 plank
20 throwdowns/reverse crunch
50 Russian twist (10 lb)


September 23
No lifting today
Ran 1.5 miles
Hit 30 off the tee
Did band routine


September 26
Did 3x 10 leg press (105 lbs)
Did 3x 10 lateral raises (10 lbs)
Squat 3x 5 (150 lbs)
Threw but nothing crazy, worked on curveball quite a bit and it’s definitely a slurve I think my pitches for this season will be:
4 seam
Change up
Hit 30 off the tee
Hit 60 overhand


September 27
Did legs
4x 10 leg press (75 lbs)
3x 12 leg extension (45 lbs)
4x 10 leg press (110 lbs)
Did abs
2:30 plank
75x scissors
75x Russian twist
20x throwdowns/reverse crunch
Hit 50 off the tee
Hit 50 overhand
Threw for about 20 min
Mostly was a flat ground bullpen I went the a progression of fastball change curve (keep in mind I only throw a 4 seam officially) the curve was a slurve but it was excellent I’m excited to take it to a mound. The change up was not accurate making it not usable. 4 seam velocity and accuracy were very good as always.


September 29 and 30
Did basically the same thing
Both days
Leg press 3x 10 (250 lbs)
Leg extension 3x 30 (45 lbs)
Abs on both days
2:00 plank
75 scissors
75 Russian twist
75 scissors again
Hit on Thursday about 100 off the tee


This next week is going to be fall break
I am currently going to start doing an ab routine everyday
Minimum will be:
1:00 plank
40 reverse crunches
75 scissors
75 Russian twists
If after doing this I feel like I can do more I will change it on a daily basis
Also on fall break
I want to run at least a mile on two days


October 13
Today and on Tuesday we had workouts
I did legs both days and did shoulders on Tuesday
Conditioning was running a mile on both days
And also I did my normal ab routine both days
Hit 30 off tee and 30 underhand on Tuesday
Hit 60 off the tee and 60 underhand Today


take it easy with band workouts make sure your doing them right 4 guys on my team screwed up their shoulders by exercising wrong.


Good core routine for sure.

Instead of running a mile, you could do a track workout where you sprint the straight sides of the oval (100 m) and walk the curves (100 m). Do it four times around the track and it equals a mile. But it’s a better workout because you’ll get in 8 100m sprints instead of a long slow 1 mile jog.


If you’re still looking for someone I am, but I’m a sophomore, class of '19.


That’s funny, yesterday That’s exactly what I did except I jogged and walked the curves. I know that is better for you, I am going to do what the coach wants me to for another couple weeks then I’ll do my own thing for conditioning


Yeah email me walker.ellis@hardinglions.net


October 14
First I did my ab routine
Squatted, leg press, and leg extension next
Hit 30 off the tee
Hit 30 soft toss
Ran 1 mile in intervals of jog/walk/sprint


October 17
Today I caught flyballs for 30 min
Then I ran 12x 30 yard sprints
I did my band workouts (I made sure and lower the resistance and work on mechanics)
I hit 30 off the tee and 60 underhand
I did my ab routine
Leg extension 3x 10 (65 lbs)
Leg press 3x 10 (180 lbs)
I did my squat max, I ended up with doing 260 lbs 1 rep
This was 25 pounds more than my previous squat max from two months ago


October 18
I first ran a mile
Then I hit 50 off the tee and 50 soft toss
Then I lifted
My ab routine
Then leg press 3x10 (315 lbs)
Leg extension 3x 10 (105 lbs)
Lateral arm raises 3x 10 (10 lbs)
Overhead press 3x 10 (25 lbs)


October 19
First did band exercise
Hit 50 off the tee and 50 soft toss
Ran a mile in jog/walk/sprint intervals
Did ab routine
Did overhead press, lateral raises, dumbbell bench press
Did leg extension 1x 100 (75 lbs)
Deadlift 2x 10
I also have started a stretching routine that I do every night, I will post what all it is later


October 21
First I caught fly balls
Then I ran 15x 30 yard sprints
Threw for a little while
Hit 60 off the tee
Did leg press
Box jumps
Leg extension
Overhead press


October 24
I first threw but nothing too long
I hit 40 off the tee and 30 overhand
Jogged 3/4 mile and then sprinted 1/4 mile
Deadlifted 3x 5
Squat 2x 10
Leg press 2x 15
Leg extension 2x 15
Ab routine


October 25
I first did band exercise
Then I did long toss
Then hit 30 of tee and 30 soft toss
Did Lat pulls
Did squat
Ab routine
Leg press
Leg extension
Box jumps
As far as I know at this point, there are three other pitchers on JV
Another thing I wanted to mention is that last season, I did have a n issue with my mentality. I used to go on the mound with a more passive mentality. This made me throw softer when my accuracy started to get bad and caused other problems. So one goal I have this next season is to go out and throw with all my force every pitch.