D1 In The Making- Pitching Log

My name is Ellis Walker. I am a RHP and I have decided to start a pitching log as a freshman in high school. I am currently playing only for my school team.
I hope to one day play D1 baseball and more.

Basic Intro:
Height- 5’9"
Weight- 170
Year- Freshman
Positions- Pitcher, Right Field
Pitches- 4 seam

Short term goals:
Increase variety of pitches (off speed)
Get more velocity through mechanics
Work on fielding

More Extensive Goals:
Senior Year 90+ fastball
Junior Year 86+ fastball
Sophomore Year 81+ fastball
Freshman Year 75+ fastball
ERA ranging less than 1.25 each year
Get to 6’ or more
Have >1 strikeout per inning
Have a 4 strikeout per walk ratio
Get D1 offers soon as possible, preferably one in the south
Attend at LEAST one showcase sophomore year
Learn enough pitches for me to be successful
Play for a Summer Team
Start Varsity sophomore year at least one game
Start Varsity totally junior year
Increase endurance of pitch count

August 29,
Practice/Workouts begins on September 6th. Our first scrimmage is March 3, 2017. I have never been clocked and I hope to do so soon. I also am trying to have a starting pitching spot on JV. And I am currently 5’9" and 170 pounds. I bench press 150.

If there is anyone that would like to go with me through the process via email of becoming a prime player and more. Please send me your email so you can start helping me develop and learn.

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Give this a look, http://www.■■■■■■■■■■■.net/

https://www.youtube.com/user/brentpourciau hopefully this isn’t blocked out too…

Thank you but I meant an actual person. This channel is very helpful though

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September 6
1st day of offseason is done
First I did work with the bands
Then I did 6 foul pole runs in rapid succession
I hit 15 off the tee and hit 15 underhand
Then I did core with
75x scissors
75x Russian twists
1:00 min plank
30x reverse crunch/throwdown
Then I did arms
10 x3 curls (15 lb)
10 x3 Lateral Raises (10 lb)
10 x3 Tricep overhead press (20 lb)
10 x3 bench press (95 lb)
Then I threw for 20 minutes
(I threw a pretty good curve but throwing was nothing too long)
Any thoughts?

September 8
Had no workouts Wednesday. Today I had a short workout.
Did work with the bands
I ran 6 foul poles
Hit a little over 50 underhand
Threw for about 20 min.

September 9
Hit 20 off the tee and 40 underhand
Did band exercises
Ran bases (1hr 2triple 3double 4single)
Caught fly balls
Did ab workout
75x scissors
75x Russian twists
1:00 min plank
30x reverse crunch/throwdowns
Squatted 3x 10 (150 lb)
Rose 10 pounds each rep after that until 220

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Can anyone give me some more workouts that will help increase velocity?
And do you think what I am doing right now will increase velocity?

Here’s a great article by the late Dick Mills. I didn’t necessarily agree with him on everything but he’s spot on most others (IMO). He didn’t like long toss & drills, right or wrong? You decide. I do believe he’s absolutely correct on most everything else. Something to think about anyway.


That’s definitely interesting, any other workouts would be gladly appreciated.

September 12
First hit 15 off the tee
Then hit 25 underhand
Caught fly balls
Did not do any band workouts
Ran a mile on a track
Then did arms
5x 10 lateral raises (10 lbs)
3x 10 (15 lbs curls)
4x 10 overhead press (15 lbs)
3x 10 bench press (95 lbs)
Then did core
75x scissors
75x Russian twists
1:00 min plank
30x reverse crunch/throwdown
At the end I dead lifted 3x 7 (150 lbs)
If I continue to do this workout will I gain velocity and what other workouts can I do to increase velocity?
And just by the way on Monday and Thursday I do arms and Tuesday and Friday I do legs and core all four days

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That was an awesome article by Dick Mills. Thanks for sharing! For my entire college career, until this year (redshirt junior) due to transferring my college coach told me to slow down my body when I threw because of my max effort delivery. Blew up my UCL and lost velocity. Sweet read.

Keep throwing hard everyday with intent. Do it with a passion. Continue to lift heavy. Get bigger, but like I said just throw with INTENT everyday. That’s my advice.


Agree with Kaner 14, continue to get bigger & stronger. Purpose of sending you Mills article is to understand the most important thing for you to increase velocity is to use your entire body particularly the lower half. Workouts are great but I encourage you to research and understand the kinetics of pitching. This is where you will find your gains.

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September 13
Today was rough
First I hit 35 off the tee and 30 underhand
Then I did a jog/walk/sprint interval for 1 mile
During this I don’t think I stretched long enough and my leg became very tight
I came inside and did my normal abs
75x scissors
75x Russian twists
1:00 min plank
30x reverse crunch/throwdown
Then I squatted once and wanted my leg to rest
Tommorrow I have no workout so hopefully it recovers

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September 15
Leg was still hurting after some running but not too bad
Coach had me play 1st base today, one of the pitchers for JV plays 1st base and is the only one so when he pitches coach needs someone to play 1st
Got ground balls and caught some from first
Then caught fly balls
Ran bases with 5 1B and 5 1B to 3B
Then went inside and did
Abs routine
75x Russian twists
1:00 min plank
30x reverse crunch/throwdown
Then arms
3x 10 empty can raises (5 lb)
5x 10 lateral raises (5 lb)
5x 10 overhead press (15 lb)
Leg is still tight and has a strange feeling to it, anyone know what’s going on?

September 16
First lifted weights
Abs was
1:30 minute plank
20 throwdowns/reverse crunch
65 Russian twists
100 scissors
Then legs was
4x 10 Leg presses (60 lbs)
Squat 3x 10 (105 lbs)
Ran 5 foul poles
Hit 60 off the tee
Hit 25 underhand
Hitting looked and felt really good
My leg has recovered, I think doing the leg press helped a lot

September 19
First did band workouts
Hit 15 off tee
Hit 20 underhand
Ran a mile in intervals of jog/walk/sprint
Did abs
1:00 plank
75 scissors
20 throwdowns
5x 10 lateral raises (5lb)
5x 10 overhead press (15lb)
Bench press 1x 15 (85 lb)