D1 2013 Season Walkon

Hey everybody! Posted a short video, don’t feel like explaining my whole story on here, but you can read it on my log here

Anyways I posted this video hoping to get a little insight on my motion. I explain in my log the reason for this throwing set up. Hopefully you guys can see something I don’t. Thank you all very much

EDIT: Quick not, my Mac thinks its cool to flip my video over haha. I’m actually throwing Righty and not lefty in this video.

Throwing with a ball of socks is going to completely change your arm motion…

I am aware for that Diesel, but unfortunately thats all I could get for today.

Throwing flat-ground on the Tennis Courts, sorry for the music, that song gets me pumped up. 5 from the windup, 5 from the stretch. Odds are I’ll start throwing only from the stretch because if I make the team next year I’ll most likely be a reliever.

My arm motion from the windup is different from the stretch. I’m looking for input from anybody.

This is you actually throwing right handed correct?

Yes that is correct, MacBooks feel the need to mirror everything.

Are you using imovie or what?

It seems like you scrunch up when you lift your leg. Other guys can weigh in, but it seems like you should stay taller at this point in your motion.

At the release point, it seems like you are falling off to the side. Maybe try to keep the glove hand in front of you?

That’s all I really noticed wrong. I personally like examining my mechanics from the back and the side. I believe the side is good to make sure everything is going in the right direction at the right time, but I like the back view because it really allows you to see if you are rotating on time. And also where your arm goes.

My personal opinion though. Looks pretty good. How hard to you throw?

And also for my sanity’s sake I made you a lefty. It blew my mind to think of you in the video in a righty. That camera is stupid. :lol:

Haha MacBooks are weird with their cameras, if I uploaded it directly to youtube it would have made me a righty but I wanted to edit it alittle so i’m stuck as a lefty haha

And I’m not really sure how hard I’m throwing now. When I had my showcase I hit 84 once, but since I got on campus I’ve been lifting a lot (maybe 4-6 times a week) and recently I haven’t been feeling the “pop” when I throw. I just need that one day where I feel it and i’ll be back on track. I sort of neglected my rotator cuff the past 3-4 weeks because I over worked it one week and it really hurt to throw so I gave it a week’s rest of no throwing and i haven’t done any rotator cuff exercises until tonight.

This scrunching up I do at leg lift I feel is helping me load my hips/pelvis, but I could be wrong and it could just be a false feeling i’m getting. As for falling off to the side, could you elaborate a little more for me? I feel like this falling off you see me doing is me just rotating through my release to avoid becoming linear and pushing the ball, once again I could be wrong.

jimster was right, after paying attention to high level throwers of my size (to be called a high level thrower, must be able to throw 93+) and I can see in the photo I have of Billy Wagner, that his back is relatively straight. I’ll work on this tomorrow and hopefully post video (hopefully right handed haha). I will take a look at Wagner’s motion more and try to emulate him to an extent. I feel like our motions are similar and I feel I can gain a lot from looking at his motion.

okay the photo link on here didn’t work but heres the link to the site containing the photo

[quote=“SwitchPitch39”]Haha MacBooks are weird with their cameras, if I uploaded it directly to youtube it would have made me a righty but I wanted to edit it alittle so i’m stuck as a lefty haha

You could upload it to youtube and then download it back onto your computer. Then just delete the unedited video off your account.

I may not be the one to correct you on this. I have many major leaguers fall of to the side with success. But keep yourself my linear could help your accuracy.

I think someone can elaborate more. I don’t want to give you faulty information. You search some of my mechanic video posts from the fall. I think Coach Baker or Wales Diesel may have commented on the effects of falling off on one of my videos.

I do remember Coach B saying that you should have your head on target the whole time. That along side not pull your glove side behind will keep you on-line.

I think it was Tom House who said that your glove hand should remain in front of your chest because your body with naturally go towards it.

I won’t claim to be an expert, so I would just look at what major leaguers do because they do something right. :smiley:

Some short video I took of me dropping down.

This video you get to see my cat like reflexes trying to save my computer from getting hit with the ball. haha

On the rear-view video you can notice that my arm kind of stalls after hand-break, I feel that is a momentum killer so I worked quickly on making it a build motion.

Heres the attempt

PS Dont hate on “Call me Maybe” being played in the background of some of the videos, its a joke me and my friend do, where every time we go out to eat we write our phone numbers and “Call me maybe?” on the receipts for the waitresses, works quite well if your a college athlete and/or in the military.

The last video defiantly looks better than the first couple. You were hitching pretty bad, but in the last video it looked fine.

I want to say you don’t look like you’re putting max effort into throwing it, but you’re not on a mound, so I know how that goes.

I would go to a field and pitch of a mound. It’s hard to gauge whether your throwing with your full intensity when you throw on a tennis court.

Just from looking at your video, it doesn’t look like it’s going that fast.

I personally liked your normal arm slot mechanics. I think it’s hard to become a side armer when it’s not your natural arm slot.

My advice would be to maximize your natural arm slot and focus more on mechanics and building velocity than trying to reinvent your whole motion.

If you really want to try the side arm thing, then I would add it to your regular mechanics. I wouldn’t completely abandon them.

Hope I helped!

Dropping down looks pretty good keep working at it.

How’s this going to effect your off speed? Are you going to have to learn new breaking balls?

jimster- I’ll try to get on the field once my buddy gets back from his golf tourney in maryland so he can catch for me. I agree it’s not full intensity, throwing from the mound I get a lot more drive with my hips/legs. I was also holding back a little for a couple reasons 1)Dropping down I’m not comfortable with the motion yet 2)I’ve been throwing almost everyday this week (including 50 throws with a 9oz ball) so my arm was a little iffy/tired 3)Went to the gym earlier so my body was fatigued/sore. But I’m not one for excuses, so throwing that day just sucked! I deff throw a lot harder from my overhand slot, but I was actually a natural sidearmer when I was younger but switched to overhand because I was a catcher/3rd baseman in high school along with a pitcher. I still plan of throwing overhand once in awhile to keep the batter off balance.

Wales- Surprisingly my off-speed has gotten better, it basically rolls off the table. As for breaking balls, I may need to learn a new one. My knuckle curve is not coming out flat and is very easy to crush, but once in awhile I will throw a decent sweeping one, very inconsistent though. I’ve messed around with a slider but I just can’t seem to get the release of it right now, still a work in progress. I’ve also tried a cutter but thats not exactly a breaking ball. I’m open to tips or suggestions on adding a breaking ball or help with the slider.

Anybody else have suggestions?

If you’re dropping down I definitely suggest the slide piece it’ll move pretty good for ya. I think a cutter will turn into a slider like pitch for you since you are dropping down.

A curve I think would be hard to get going from that angle, but I could be wrong.

If you get some good movement on your change or a two seamer to compliment the slider I think you’ll be pretty well set with everything diving west/east and if you can work the FBs north/south you should be pretty tough to hit.


How’s your sinker working from that angle?

Basically everyone of my fastballs is a sinker now haha My 4-seamer will drop a couple inches (which will be very effective in getting ground balls) my 2-seamer will drop about 6 inches while my sinker will drop close to a foot.