D-III Schools?

So I know division three schools don’t offer athletic scholarships, but do they find other ways to give scholarships to some of their athletes?

DIII coaches don’t find scholarships nor do they give them. They do often help players find grants that can be sort of like a scholarship.

i have great respect for guys that play baseball at the 3 level. the only reason they play is because they truly love the game. it is a great personal sacrifice to give the game the time it requires when you could get a job to help pay your way.

that is a personal moment and feeling no scholarship athlete gets to experience. that jersey really means something to those guys. i wish them the very best. the next billy wagner is out there somewhere. i look forward to seeing him in the big leagues after that sacrifice and dream.

the coach’s will sometimes help you find grants and many D3 schools offer a lot of financial aid, if you have good grades that really helps.

Thanks a lot guys. I think this helped me make up my mind.

I’ll most likely be attending University of Puget Sound in Washington next fall, and their coach wants me to play for them. Hopefully I will be able to get some financial aid, I have a 3.9 gpa.

Cool, how was your ACT/SAT? A 3.9 will really help you out a lot with grades like that you should get a pretty good amount of aid. Good work.

Anyone else looking at D3 remember money is tight for everyone and many schools are willing to help. Financial aid is also given out on a first come first serve basis so apply early.

I got a 28 on my ACT, but I’m going to retake it. Hopefully I will be able to get a 30.

A 28 on your act and a 3.9 gpa will get you plenty of money. I think that qualifies for the presidents scholarships which I believe is 16,000 a year. (depending on your school, you can get that for 4 years as long as you maintain a 3.0 gpa)

Really? Wow, that will help out a lot. I’m going to look into that, as well as other possible scholarships. Thanks.

I think that some academic scholarships are automatically given. The 16,000 a year might be. But ask a counselor or somebody 1st before you quote me on that. Also if you are a junior find scholarships now, because there are some scholarships that must be applied for your junior year. They equal easy money because almost nobody knows about them, so you chances to get said scholarship is much higher.

Sometimes (most of the time), a coach will nudge the admissions people a little to favor his or her recruits. But you’ve got nothing to worry about with your academic records.

There are tons of options for financial aid, grants, and interest free loans at the D-3 level, if you work hard in the classroom you can make it happen.

Puget Sound is a great school, and one of the top up and coming baseball programs in the West region. A player from my son’s high school team attends there and he loves the team and the school.

Best of luck to you.

Thank you.

I’m really looking forward to starting a new part of my life. I never even thought I would be able to play baseball in college, but here I am, and I’ve worked so hard to get here… Although it’s only D-111.

I wouldn’t say only, remember a lot of DIII schools can compete with DII programs and I’ve seen some cases where a DIII has beaten a DI. You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Agreed, the St. Thomas team from last year could probably compete with a lower to mid level DI school.