I pitch at the Division III level and I am looking to add velocity to my fastball by improving my mechanics. I think they are sound and repeatable already but I do not think I am getting all the power that is available from my frame. Also, I tend to get sore in the bicep/upper forearm region after I throw so lately I have been worrying that perhaps my elbow is dropping. The video in which I am wearing red is a video from this summer when I feel I was at my best in terms of mechanics and velocity. I developed left groin and hip flexor tendinitis and and took the rest of the summer off. I am now back to throwing but I don’t feel as good as I was. The video of me in the gray is from a few days ago, and obviously I get a little frustrated missing a lot of my spots. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Also, sorry for posting this twice

You’re not getting a lot of drive off the mound. You can definitely increase your stride length by doing the hershiser drill and really getting that push off the mound from your backside. The biggest difference I can see from the first video to the second is hip rotation. In the first video you’re releasing the ball out in front while in the second video your way more up and down, that’s why the ball is being left up it looks like. You were really getting the bend in the waist and rotation in the first one and driving the ball down.

The “Hershiser” drill is a key component of something I call “THE SECRET”, which I learned long ago by watching what the Yankees’ Big Three rotation used to do. I noticed that they were all driving off the lower half of the body, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous motion, and in doing this they all got more power behind their pitches and also took a lot of pressure off the arm and the shoulder so that they could, and did, throw harder and faster with less effort. I picked up on that and worked with it, and after a while I found that I was doing the same thing they were. I wasn’t very fast, but I could throw harder, and I got more snap and sizzle into my natural sidearm delivery—much to the dismay of the batters who had to face me.
The nice thing about the “Hershiser” drill is that it requires no special equipment, just a fence or a wall. By doing this you will get your hips fully involved, so that you can solidify the connection between the lower and upper halves of the body—and prevent a lot of injuries in the process. How not to get a sore arm. 8)

Three things to get you started to increase velocity. Push off the rubber with more force. Especially at the end of the pitch cycle. Use your abdominal muscles to get more ball velocity especially at ball release. Lastly, do no deviate from your x-axis, In other words, get everything going directly to the plate. There are other things you can do, but these can be easily done for fast results.

I’ve recognized also that I have very little hip shoulder separation and my shoulders tend to come open before I land. I think this is contributing to a lack of velocity as well as a sore arm. Other than abdominal work what can I do to remedy this?

Pay attention to your glove side as it can have an effect on hip and shoulder separation. If you don’t get it to an equal and opposite position with your throwing arm, you’ll turn it over early and then your shoulders will rotate early. “Early” means before the hips have had time to fully rotate. And that limits separation. You’ve got to take the time to get the glove out front all the way into that equal and opposite position and stay there as close to front foot plant as possible. That buys time for the hips to rotate.

A side view would be better for assessing this.

Sort of irrelevant but how fast do you through?

In both videos it looks like your not striding out far enough. And since your not really using your legs this could be adding stress to your arm which you described. In the second video also it looks like the mound is to short for you to be using, if you were to stride out as far as you should then you would be off the mound. I don’t know how often you use that mound but If you do use it often then that’s probably were you got into that habit but that’s just a guess. I also agree that the Hershiser drill is good for increasing your stride, I struggled with increasing my stride the correct way without flying open or just jumping out to increase it, it really helped me out. Hopes this helps.

I agree that you are not getting enough separation between your hips and shoulders. I think this is happening because you are starting your upper half to the plate too soon. Your shoulder rotation and arm movement to the plate should not begin until your left foot hits the ground. My pitching coach likes to say, “Nothing happens until your foot hits the ground.”

Good luck and keep working hard.