D-Backs pick up Greinke!


Woo Hoo!!! :pitcher:

6 year deal for $206 million. :open_mouth:


Good to be a pitcher! Don’t even need to win 20 games anymore (Greinke’s never won 20 in a season) – and you’ll make more than $1 million per game just to show up, throw 6 innings and then cheer from the top step of the dugout as your middle relievers, set-up pitcher and closer finish it out :smile:

I’m joking, of course, and wish him all the best. He’s terrific to watch.


Ridiculous contract and honestly makes you wonder just how much the guy wants to win vs wants to be paid.

I’m willing to bet he has an opt out clause so he can cash in even more if he’s still dealing the way he is.

Saw this somewhere and made me wonder all of this.

If Greinke indeed was chasing absolute top dollar, he escapes California’s 13.3% top tax rate. Arizona at just 4.54%. Plus factor in the fact that he’s opted out of his last 2 contracts so he could cash in more.

Not blaming the guy for doing it, everyone has the right to get paid what the market says they are worth, but c’mon man Arizona…


I think we’re seeing the Tony Larussa factor with this deal.