D-1 school

whats up guys… i was just wondering what it takes to get some D-1 schools to like look after you… its tough cuz my team doesn’t have a real good program… like we were better like a few years ago like 01-05 … but I’m a lefty… 5’10 like 150… throw like high 70s low 80s and gettin a good curve… if i get up to like 85… you think some schools will look at me cuz my friend goes to uconn n he said that a lefty needs a good curve n throws atleast 85

yeah, i think you’re right.
i’m a 6’5 junior lefty in high school. Top out at like 82.
I dont know what the speed is for D1 lefties to have interest.

There are so many more important variables besides velocity to take into account.

Unless you’re throwing 90+ theres no guarantee a schools going to take interest in you.

First signee for Arizona State is a lefty and throws a blistering 78mph. He threw a 9 inning shutout against my JC last year when we were #9 in the nation. Im not saying the radar gun isnt important but its not something you can fix overnight. Do what you can to get it up but as long as you get people out you will be just fine. Overall statistics and grades are more important than velocity. I PROMISE