Cy Young candidates

Just for fun…

As some of you know, one of my good friends and former teammates, Dontrelle Willis, a pitcher for the Florida Marlins, is up for the National League Cy Young Award. He’s my pick (sorry Chris Carpenter fans).

Who are your picks for the Cy Young Awards this year?

I went with Clemens, the low win total is the concern. But, I think in 10+ starts the Astros offense provided him 0 runs while he was on the mound. His bullpen also cost him the chance to win.

Chris Carpenter.

I used this formula
*=times (multiplicatation)

(Wins5)+(500-(ERA100))+((155-(Ratio100))2)+Saves2.5+Strikeouts.533=Total Points

According to this 20 Wins will get you 100 pts., A 3.00 ERA will get you 100 pts, 1.05 ratio will get you 100 pts, 40 Saves will get you 100 pts and 200 K’s will get you about 100 pts (106.6 actually). I figured these stats were good benchmarks to make my formula to I did mathmatical operations to make them equal to 100. Therefore a very good pitcher would get about 400 points. An excellent pitcher would get near to 450.

Roger Clemens- 397.282894988
Chris Carpenter- 404.358359025
Dontrelle Willis- 378.662660536

coach ellis i heard willis would not have been brought up for the cubs until about last year if he had stayed with them. I heard they had quite a few pitching prospects ahead of him.

It was a tough choice but Chris got his team to the playoffs, that will always make a difference. Which is why I think Santanna is going to get overlooked again this year in the AL. Would you please do a poll for AL too?

That’s 100% true. Willis, a Chicago Cubs draft pick in 2000, wasn’t even the No. 1 starting pitcher on our 2001 Boise Hawks baseball team. The Hawks are the Chicago Cubs’ short-season A minor league team in Boise, Idaho.

Cubs prospects Angel Guzman, Felix Sanchez and Sergio Mitre were ahead of him that year in terms of their “prospect rating.”

But, after being traded to the Marlins in Spring Training 2002 (I remember the day when it happened as Willis and I shared the same section of the Cubs clubhouse), he got his big break. That scenario happens a lot in pro ball.

Another guy is pitcher Jason Szuminski, a Chicago Cubs minor league pitcher, who was completely off the prospect radar. He was traded to the Padres in 2003/4 and was in the Majors later that year for the Padres.

how good do you think angel guzman is. ive heard ace potential and when i saw him pitch this spring hes heat was comparable to zambrano and his curve was better then priors. he was little wild but ive also heard his control is his best trait, he had like 80ks to 5 walks at duringa stretch in 1 season or something

i heard a little about this guy before this year, but when someone on ESPN said that he had heard that “this applebon kid might be the next Kerry Wood” i thought i’d have a STROKE!
first of all, potential-wise, and with all due respect to mr wood, he’s a top notch pitcher, a guy you hope you might see every 15 or 20 years, but health-wise, he just hasn’t been able to put it all together. i really feel if he can pull it together he’s still gonna be a bigtime mound menace.
but i wonder…
as far as prior, well, he’s flat sick awesome. but same story: get well and stay well.
and to think i was mad when they let juan cruz go…
i love zambrano as well, he’s just surpassed my expectations.

As far as Guzman, he’s gifted. I seen him in August in a rehab start for Peoria (Low-A). He flashed his 3 plus pitches, he hit 94 on the gun, 1-7 curve, and a deceptive change.

He hasn’t been able to stay healthy at all, I don’t think he’s been able to throw more than 140IP in a season yet.

He does have a poor follow-thru from the few times I’ve watched him.

Coach Ellis, correct me if I’m wrong but was part of the reasoning why Willis included in the trade was b/c the Cubs have doubts of whether he could stay healthy with his delivery?

That Boise staff was a hell of a staff for a Short-season league.

I had to go with Chris Carpenter, but if i voted for Cy Young i’d give my vote to Pettitte. Why? he’s got a 2.39 ERA (better than Willis and Carpenter) to go with his 17-9 Record (4 More wins than clemens, 1 more loss, unsuperior to Willis and Carpenter). Sure he lacks in other categories (7K/9IP for example) he still put up a really strong season, so i’d give it to him. And to add to that, Pettitte put up a much better postseason game than Clemens did so far. Plus, i like the Astros but dislike Clemens so consider me a tad biased.

who i think will win it:

Who i think should win it:

Who i want to win it:
HM:Peavy & Clemens

As for AL, I’m going to give it to Santana for obvious reasons. HM include Rivera and Colon. As for who i think is going to get it…i haven’t thought about it too much. AL Cy Young is less exciting than NL this year. If only Halladay was healthy, he’d have stolen the Cy Young the way he was pitching before he got injured (Heck, he’d be giving the NL Pitchers a run for their money stat-wise)

i gotta go with dontrelle willis


You did notice this was from’05 right

you just bumped this from 2005 bro.

I would vote for a pitcher who has proven himself over the years,
not just had one spectacular year.

[quote=“CardsWin”]I would vote for a pitcher who has proven himself over the years,
not just had one spectacular year.[/quote]

It’s a one year award

True enough, but what I mean is that some pitchers can have a really good year one year, but the next year they could be terrible.
The way I would look at it is not how it is actually voted upon for real.

Well, perhaps you should propose a new award to MLB…you could call it the CardsWin award.

Based on that lets have Cy Young win the Cy Young…I mean 500+ wins who is gonna beat that for several years in a row?

Will you finance it?

This is a silly reborn thread. Let’s go ahead and end this thing right here and now. …//