Cutting weight rather than gaining

Out of curiosity i was just wondering if anyone here is trying to lose weight or trying to just become quicker so to speak. I know many people are trying to put on weight (strength) and i havent read much on those trying to possibly cut weight and get into better shape. * i know cutting weight isnt the correct term*. Anyone taking any supplements for this? Before Hydroxycut was found to be harmful i took it and it worked very well for me though i would sweat alot and actually was very moody believe it or not. Any thoughts?

Although I am one of those trying to gain weight, I do know there is a whole assorment of fat loss products out there that body builders often use.

I would say 2 bits of advise.

Stay away from ephedra, and stay away from products with stimulants (large amounts of caffine ects).

Remember as a pitcher, having some meat isn’t a bad thing, as long as your conditioned.

Your exactly right, 2 years ago i was a strong 205 and when i decided i should lift to get bigger and stronger i gradually put on weight, some needed, most not. Im 225 now 6’3’’ and realize my playing weight is probably more around 210, i will continue to eat protein and carbs just wondering what may give me an edge and losing a few pounds. eating healthier and running and working out the most important of course.

Just browsing around and found this

It was there #3 seller overall for the month. Since it is a sizable company I would have to say just the sheer number of purchases is usually a positive thing.

I haven’t done any research on it, nor to I know much about the ingredients. I just thought that this may be a starting point for your search.


Just say this was #10

At a a months supply for a few bucks it may be worthwhile. The main page describes it as being on the top seller list for years, because it is cheap and it works.

I appreciate it. Ill take a look into and let ya know if i get it or what i decide to do. As a side note I have NoXplode right now i have started it a little bit but i think its more for just a hardcore lifter, well have to see. thanks again

No-Xplode is basically just to get you amped for lifting. Some guys can add more weight to their sets or add more sets to their workout using it. Downside is that is has tons of caffeine and other stuff to get you pepped up, and after a while the effect wears off (you have to up the dosage).

Anyways, I guess I am one of the people cutting weight. You could go with that Lipo stuff, but most of the weight loss supps are just ephedra repackaged under different names (herbs that have the same heart rate raising properties, etc.). It’s up to you if you want to mess with that stuff. It would definitely raise your resting metabolic rate, which burns more calories and leads to more weight loss. It would also raise your blood pressure and your standing heart rate, making me stay away from it due to long term concerns. I have stuck with a pretty strict diet of around 2200 calories per day (which is the lower side for 6’2" 195). Lifting 3 days a weeks and 30 mins of cardio 3 days a week. It’s been working fairly well- about 3 pounds a week for the past couple weeks.

Check out John Stone Fitness]Fitday
to keep your calories in line and to make sure your macros (grams of protein, carbs, and fat) fall into the right ratio. And [[/url] is a good place to check out what works and what doesnt. The forums also have a lot of people that supplement for weight loss, should you decide to do that.

Good Luck

I suggest you forget about the weight loss supplements. You might try looking at what got you in your condition in the first place. If that isn’t taken care of it won’t matter what supplement you take. Eat a well balanced diet and workout. I rarely suggest aerobic exercise for baseball players but this might be the one time.

Thanks mike. What do you normally suggest? Im finally getting myself into a good routine just kind of tough when your in-season you know.

Inseason usually isn’t the time to worry about weight a lot. Some suggestions for diet are to plan your vegetables and fruit first. It is easy to forget your side dishes but you never forget the main dish, usually some type of meat. Drink a lot of water. It might help to drink your water and fruits/vegetables first. They can fill you before you get to the higher calorie part of your meal. Try to lower fat and increase fiber. There are a bunch of things. You are really looking at a lifestyle change, not just a couple quick fixes.