Cutting impact on velocity


Looking for advice on what might be causing a cutting action and how to correct it.

I know movement is a good thing but you also want to be able to dictate when the the ball cuts.

I am also concerned of the cutting action’s impact on velocity.

What are some common causes of cutting the ball?

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Look first at grip.


What would you look for in the grip?


Wondering if slow mo video would pick it up. Is it likely caused by pronating at release?


Off center grip, placemat of the thumb. I’d look to grip first.


Cutting would be caused by supination - not pronation. But, as Pitcher17 said, look at grip first because an off-center grip can lead to supination. Make sure thumb and middle finger cut the ball in half.


Sometimes of too much of the thumb pad is touching the ball or middle finger too close to the edge.



You’re saying that

  1. ball is too deep in hand?
  2. middle finger is too close to which edge?




Cutting action is achieved by imparting spin to the outside of the ball instead of down the middle. I would say that the first thing to do is draw a big black line down the middle of a ball with a fat sharpie and have him throw his fastball. Fast ball spin should be pretty straight up-and-down with adjustments for arm angle (i.e (|) over the top () three-quarter (–) sidearm). If he’s getting underneath or to the side of the ball it’s going to spin like gyro.