how do you throw a cutter?id really appreciate pics.i cant seem to find anyone who can throw is appreciated.

Ive found two ways that seem to be easy for me.

  1. Grip a regular two seam and the seam where your middle finger is, move your index on that seam, so both of your fingers are holding the seam. Then as you put the pressure on the seam with your middle finger and as you release the ball try keeping your wrist straight up in the air as some people tend to have their wrist pointed away from their body somewhat.

  2. Holding it the same way, rotate the ball 90 degrees so that your holding accross the two seams rather than with them. Just as the first way, put the pressure on your middle finger. If you want with this one move your hand a little more to the side if it feels more comfortable. Hope this helps.

Hold the ball like a 2 seam fastball…
Move ur middle finger to the sie of the ball and have it facine inward , put more pressure on ur middle finger and throw…instant cutter.

thanks alot ill try it tomorrow.anyone have pics? im pretty sure im holding it right but im not sure

i dont have any pics , or a camera…but if you could show me a pic of how you think it should held i could tell you wether you got it right or wrong.

thanks for the effort.i dont have a camera either.

oh and when you say keep my wrist pointed up on release does that mean not to flick it? or just flick it upward?

personally, i like to take a four seam fastball grip, and rotate my fingers outwards(clockwise). Then, when throwing, put pressure on the ball with your middle finger