Im, a college freshman pitcher and im looking to learn a new pitch. I throw a fastball (2 and 4 seam), circle change, and curveball. I’ve been wanting to learn to throw a cutter and was wondering how it is thrown.

here you go, I found one picture that shows you how to throw one, although, I throw mine by applying pressure with the index finger on the lace (like how you would throw a two-seam fastball), bend your index finger about mid way on the lace, apply pressure.

Basically hold the ball like you would throw a 2 seam fastball, but bend your index finger on the lace and apply pressure with it. This will enable the ball to go inside for righties. For lefties, do the opposite, apply pressure with middle finger. My pitching coach a few years ago showed me this, and trust me, I saw a lot of movement on his pitch. Hope this helps, although, it would proabably be easier if I took a picture of the grip for you, but I don’t know where the camera is.

Note, I don’t throw a cutter, that’s actually my grip for a cut fastball, sry about that…

thats a nice site for grips, thanks

hope you have success with that pitch.

I had tremendous success with mine, but quit throwing upon learning it can damage a young arm (not quite 15)

thanks for the suggestions…im starting to get it down, but not good enough to throw in games yet