I read today that besides a CU, a cutter is a good pitch to teach kids under 14 and before their curveball training. anyone know where I can go for info on grips, desired motion, etc?

I guess I err on the conservative side , but to me a cutter potentially puts alot of strain on the elbow … very similar to a baby slider . I’d stick with 3 pitches until 15 yrs old - 2 seamer , 4 seamer , and change speeds off both ( hey , is that 4 ?? ) .

i agree with the above post that emphasis should be on fastballs and changeups. learning how to pitch instead of just getting by because over weapon them with stuff. but at the same time if you are taught the right way to throw breaking pitches you will not hurt their arm. the grip does the work. with a cutter the middle finger does all the work - not the elbow or wrist, same with the slider and curve the grip does the work. curveball you throw the topfront of the ball - you dont get spin by wrist break, etc.

I could not disagree more . Take your left hand and put in on your inside elbow , now “flick” your middle finger … cutter , slider , whatever - it puts pressure on your elbow . My main point here is for the younger kids ( 15u ) … whose body parts are still growing … there is no 100% safe way to throw these breaking pitches . Learn to locate the fastball … challenge hitters inside … and pitch backwards , and you’ll have a better shot at being able to still pitch when you’re in HS.

im a high school coach. my main goal with young kids is development. we’ve got a great program. im not a great coach - i coach great kids. its a small community and im very involved with our youth teams. i agree that all that any youth pitcher needs to throw is fastball/changeup as far as learning to be a competitor. thats all i talk about to our young kids and youth coaches.
but i disagree with the fact if done right its going to hurt their arm to throw breaking balls. ive been doing this for over 20 years and havent seen a kid yet - in our program or anybody elses - throw bb right and hurt their arm. ive seen them snap, twist thumbs, and pull down lamp shades and hurt their arm but never from letting the grip do it.
like i said - i dont encourage it from the learning to compete side but its not going to hurt them. the main thing i want from our youth coaches is to teach a love and respect for the game, the rewards of hard work, discipline, self responsiblity - responsiblity for themselves not parents doing everything for them , and to compete.