im 14 years old, and i throw consistently 73 to 75, i have an ok split that as i use as my change up, but i have a really good curveball. i have been working on a cutter but it wont do any thing for me. any advice?

Timmy—one thing you can do is log on to “”, then click on “baseball”, scroll down a bit and you will find—complete with a couple of videos—an excellent article about Mariano Rivera, his cutter, and how he throws it. And on Sunday, July 4, the N.Y. Times magazine section has an article—it may be the same, or it may be a little different—about this same Rivera, the greatest of closers. Read it, and on your computer follow that video, and you’ll get some idea of just how he does it to bedevil the hitters.
I can tell you, it’s not so much the grip—he seems to use more or less a conventional two-seam fast ball grip—but it’s how he throws it; he does something with the wrist action that makes the ball do what it does. 8)

thanks, lets see if it works!

2 ways to throw a slider (that I know of), when you throw, have your two fingers off set to your throwing hand side (but not to the extent you would a slider) and throw like a normal fastball. Another way I found one summer is to try applying different pressures with either one of your fingers while throwing your regular fastball (it doesn’t matter the grip). You get interesting results. So in the offseason go outside and have a little science experiment with pitching grips and applying different pressure to different pitches.