Cutter? Which way should it go?

I am 14 and a righty with a 3/4 arm slot. I am starting to work on my 2-seam fastball and I am gettig some movement to the right. Breaking in on a right handed batter. My coach tells me that is what it is supposed to do. I was just wondering how to make it break the other way. Like Mariona Rivera throws his cutter.

Well you’re talking about two completely different pitches. One, a two-seam fastball runs in with a righty on righty (Derek Lowe), and a cutter runs off and away the righty on righty (Mariano Rivera). Mariano’s cutter is extremely deadly, because of its velocity and EXTREMELY LATE movement. To throw the cut fastball, place your middle and index finger on the long seam of the ball. Throw it like a fastball (although some prefer to throw it with angle in the wrist) and apply direct PRESSURE to the MIDDLE finger when throwing. Hold it lightly with the index, and lots of pressure with the middle finger. That middle finger pressure is the key to that pitch, the fingers pushes off the ball and causes it to cut.

Thanks I am going to try that.

it works well if you throw it at the right time

I agree with what your saying. But, if you pronate a tad bit when you throw, you can put that pressure on your index finger to get the same cutter movement. Take a ball in your hand, 4-seam grip. Middle finger on the bigger horseshoe side. Now take your two finger and move them to the right, RHP so your the left side of your middle finger is on the edge of the big horseshoe. This is the grip. Your thumb shouldn’t move that much, a little though, Now simulate the throw in your hand with the ball coming off and you can see that using the index finger and a little pronation, you can get the movement also. This also seems to be better if your more of a 3/4’s arm slot.

Not for Mariano Rivera. :smiley: :lol: [/i]

Thanks for the help with that.