Cutter vs. Slider

Should one be dropped in favor of the other depending on which is more effective for a particular pitcher?

I like the cutter better than the slider. I throw one myself, it has some nice tight movement. I don’t like the slider because you have to supinate(get under or to the side of) the baseball to throw it. With a cutter, you can overload(move fingers to one side of the ball) and you will get some late breaking movement.

Ok… but regardless of how they’re thrown, just based on what each pitch does, if you were capable of throwing both with ease would you only use the cutter?

I know many collegiate pitchers who throw both without problems.

If you can throw both equally well and they are both effective, then use them both. A cuttter in on the hands of a lefty is effective as is a slider away from a righty asuming you are a RHP).

Of course, many folks believe the slider to be harder on the arm and should be avoided until age 17 or 18.

I’m a throw em both-er
I belabor it but it’s true, varients on the fb like the sinker or cutter are just that, fastballs that “do” something, they serve a purpose in the arsenal, I like to have my pitchers use these pitches to challenge early in the zone for poor bat contact, and ground balls, I may want a kid to start a count by showing a slide piece just to get the batter uncomfortable but normally I like it for a wipe out pitch. Just because they may go in the same direction doesn’t make em the same (Of course when I’m coaching Mariano Rivera…well I just let him do what he wants strategically with it :wink: ). They have obviously a greater degree of movement but velocity difference as well…and a place imo if they can be thrown effectively. I consider the “arm injury” aspect of the slider having more to do with players lack of understanding on “how” to throw it properly…Kevinbert (Man I’d rather call you Bert… :lol: ) if I EVER saw you throw a slider where your arm went from on top to under the ball (As in palm down to palm up)…well I’d chase you down the street with a stick :shock: …you’d be in the dug out but not inclined to sit on the bench :lol: . Of course as a 12 yr old I wouldn’t expect you to physically be able to deliver either pitch effectively (Without “cheating” the pitch…which means throwing it injuriously and incorrectly) and would encourage you to work on them to understand and learn them off line…but wouldn’t focus you on these two pitches right now. Get into hs and then we’ll see if your brain and braun can get them used right.

Thanks guys…

My view on this is exactly what you said Jd and Roger. They both serve a purpose in my arsenal. I can throw my cutter earlier in counts and in different spots than my slider. I’m not gonna try and throw my slider up and in to lefty, you know? Conversely, in an 0-2 or 1-2 count, my cutter is not going to be my first option, it’ll be that slider that drops off the table and rolls down the gutter :slight_smile: I found that as I developed these two pitches, they both began to hold a valuable spot in my repertoire. In addition, one can set up the other. A hitter who has to respect the cutter being thrown for a strike might be more anxious to swing and miss on a slider that looks similar until the last minute. The other side of that coin is a hitter who assumes a slider’s coming and is going to drop out of the strike zone might take the cutter for a strike.
Yes, I love both pitches but I wanted to keep my opinion off of the thread for a while until some people posted theirs.

Right now, since I’m 12, I’m only gonna use the cutter.

Kevin, at 12 I’d suggest throwing the heck out of the fastball and learning an effective change off it … you have a few years till you need to worry about a cutter.