Cutter vs. 2 Seam?

I’m currently working on mastering a sinker and getting in some changeups to practice, but I’m looking for something else in the fastball family. I’ve narrowed it down to a cutter and 2 seam, but any other suggestions are welcome.

Throw the 2 seamer man!

The sinker is, at bottom, a two-seam fast ball, and you can’t go wrong with that because you’re going to get a lot of groundball outs with it. So stick with it, perfect it, and use it—it could become your “out” pitch. And work on perfecting your changeup as well—you know, Babe Ruth (who knew a little something about pitching) once said that a good changeup will cause batters more grief than just about anything else.
If you’re looking for a breaking pitch to add to your arsenal, you might consider the knuckle-curve—a devastating pitch—and/or the slider, which is actually closer to the fastball than it is to the curve and which is easier to throw and to control than the curve. I used the hard slider, which I called “Flithy McNasty” because that was exactly what it was, as my #1 pitch and piled up a lot of strikeouts with it, and my second-best pitch was the knuckle-curve. Add those two to the stuff you have, and the batters can’t touch you. One thing—you have to throw everything with the same arm motion and the same arm speed. 8) :slight_smile:

2 Seam…all day long if it’s got movement.

well your sinker and circle change have the same sort of movement as a 2 seamer would, and a sinker IMO is very similar to a two seam so I think it would be a little pointless to have a sinker AND a 2 seam. I personal have a love hate relationship with the cutter…well my cutter anyway lol. Like it’s my best pitch, but it’s also the pitch that gets crushed the hardest and farthest. So I say cutter, but experiment with both if you can and “perfect” the one you feel more confident in.

Since you throw a sinker and a circle change. I’d probably go with something other than a 2 seamer. none of your pitches, judging by your sig, runs inside on a opposite side batter. Out of the two choices, I’d probably pick a cutter but that’s a pretty tough pitch to throw in my opinion. I don’t have much success with it, but if you do master it, it can be such a dangerous pitch.

I noticed you don’t have a curveball. (Assume you’re left handed) Imagine throwing sinkers, circle changes, forkballs, etc on a lefty then throw a curveball? You’ll probably make the guy look silly. Try a curveball!!

Also, Not saying you have to you could switch out your forkball with a splitter. I’m pretty sure your forkball would basically be like another changeup. I don’t think you need two of them. You’re tall, big hands, splitter could work to your advantage. Hey, there’s another fastball for you. Other than that, good luck, tell us what you decide to do and your progress.

hate to be that kid but be carful with the fork ball its bad for your forearm and elbow

I’ve been wanting to get a good curveball, but my coaches say I don’t need one yet. So I have no one to teach it to me. And I know that if I throw it incorrectly, it can really mess my arm up, especially at my age.

What grip are you using for your sinker? It sounds like a 2 seamer you’re throwing already.

No it’s a sinker, but I realize how similar they are. I use a 2 seam grip, pronate and throw over the ball a little bit.