Cutter sign

Those who may know, when pitchers warm up in the MLB they use signals with their hand to tell the catcher the pitch. For example the four seam fastball is the flick of the wrist up and the curveball the opposite. What is the signal for a cutter.

usually it’s like the slider sign but with the baseball instead of the glove. just like the 2 seam is flicking the baseball to the right for a righty the cutter is flicking the baseball to the left to a righty.

Ok so it’s the opposite of a 2 seam like glove instead of ball and to the left instead of the right

yeah a lot of people now call the 2-seamer with the glove because screwballs arent thrown anymore. but originally, a tailling fastball was called with the baseball showing the catcher its going to have a slight tail to the right. and since the cutter is pretty much the exact opposite you just do it the oposite.

ultimatly you just want to show the catcher what the ball is going to do out there so he can react more to it.

well hate to bust your bubble but there are a few pitchers i can name who throw screwballs. Including, Yoshinori Tateyama, Daniel Herrera, Dallas Braden, and Dana Eveland.

when i was saying not thrown anymore i just meant they were EXTREMELY rare and pretty much useless since the circle change has all the tailling you need

well yeah i guess, i just have a need to prove people wrong

Just call a fastball and if they say wtf was that just be like a cutter…

Hey Guys, I have a new pitcher that wants to learn the signs for the pitcher during warm ups, any idea where I could find pictures or possible video showing the signs