Cutter or 2-seam

I already throw a 4-seam fastball but I am looking for a fastball with movement wich do you guys use

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I almost exclusively use the 2 seam fastball as far as fastballs go, cutters are nasty but difficult to throw.

I agree with ?house that cutters are difficult to throw, but if you are like me you may not have movement on your 2-seam fastball and then you would have to throw the cutter. Just in case your 2-seam fastball doesn’t move, it might be happening because your arm is not fully grown, depending on your age.

which one do you get more movement with? i like the 2 seam mainly because i can’t throw my cutter anymore, but when you throw the 2 seam make sure you pronate your arm some and it helps you get movement.

thanks guys

I think he means supinate instead of pronate.

no i mean pronate. supinate is what you do when you throw a curveball.

ive been throwing two seams all my life. I just thought that was how you threw a baseball till i hit like 13 and realized i have a natural tail. So two seam :slight_smile:

cutters are great but require pronation. if you want movement go offcenter with your four seam