Cutter help!

How do you throw a cutter and how does it spin? Because I was using a curveball grip and I would turn my palm up when I threw it and the catcher I was using thought that I was throwing a cutter.



If you were turning your palm up then it sounds like you were really supinating that pitch which is asking for trouble. Plus, it sounds like you were throwing a curve or maybe a slurve.

A curve is thrown with 90 degrees of preset supination. A slider is half a curve and a cutter is half a slider (or a quarter of a curve). To throw a cutter, use a fastball grip, preset the supinated hand angle and maintain that angle through ball release.

That should be a breakthrough in your pitching career.

Awesome video Johnny! Thanks for sharing.


very off center four seamer put fingers together. the ball spins awkwardly givin it that spin :bsmeter: