Cutter from low three quarter

I am a lefty and throw from a low three quarter arm slot. I have had a lot success since switching to this arm slot but I am unable to throw a cutter from this arm angle whenever I try it either ends as up as a bad slider or just kind of tumbles through the air with no movement. Has anyone had a success with a grip and arm action to get a cutter from this arm slot.

Maybe you just need to get more behind the ball. If I’m visualizing it properly, a fastball from that arm slot is essentially a cutter anyway. Also, take a look at your release. Just let it come out of your hand normally-don’t try to impart any extra twist or spin at the end.

for me from that arm slot it is essentially a natural two seam as the ball has a sideways spin running away from a rightly and I think this natural sideways rotation is what makes the cutter so difficult.