Cutter for 11 yr old?

Ok, everyone, my 11 yr old claims to be throwing a cutter. How he learned I don’t know, b/c I sure don’t know the grip. But let’s say he is: is there any harm to him throwing it? He says his arm feels fine. He’s not a max-effort pitcher and uses his body well. Thoughts?

Fyi I’m strict abt what he can throw (4 seam, 2 seam, straight change) and what he can’t (curve, slider, split-finger fb).

Thanks, Dan

Tom House and the NPA say the cutter and slider are the two hardest pitches on the arm. You have fastball forces/arm speed combined with a slightly supinated wrist and forearm angle at release.

turns out he’s not throwing a cutter, he’s throwing a 2-seamer and applying pressure with his middle finger. he claims it acts like a cutter. Kids!

but thanks for the warning abt the cutter.

Have a good holiday weekend.

As you apply more pressure to one of the fingers to get a different action, this can turn the wrist and elbow a little creating a bit of suplination, might not be intentional but it is what can happen.

thanks buwhite. I will watch out for that.

I’m not that worried b/c although my kid’s a gamer, he’s also a complainer and knows his limits. If his elbow was bothering him, he’d let me know. I ask abt the state of his arm/shoulder after he pitches and all he’s ever complained of is some minor bicep soreness. Also, he doesn’t pitch that often as the #3 starter in rec league ball; he doesn’t throw that hard; he’s efficient; and he uses his legs/core.

Honestly it really just takes one pitch with the arm creating an odd and potentially dangerous situation which could do damage such as growth plate seperation or tendon damage…make sure at the end of the throw, when his hand is finishing, is his thumb up or down…should be down, this keeps the hand behind the ball, pulling down on the ball vs getting on the side of the ball. Good Luck.

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1st of all I’m not a doctor, but imo you may not even notice any ( IF ) elbow problems in the near term … trauma is often a cumulative thing that may not surface for years.

Thanks for expressing your concern. He always finishes with his thumb down btw. Again, if he was doing a great deal of pitching, I would be monitoring things much more closely.
This is his first year in 11-12 y old, and he turned 11 about a month ago. Maybe he’ll pitch more next year, but frankly, he’s more valuable to his team at short b/c of his glove and his range.

[quote=“JP”]Tom House and the NPA say the cutter and slider are the two hardest pitches on the arm. You have fastball forces/arm speed combined with a slightly supinated wrist and forearm angle at release.[/quote] I throw a cutter and I’m 13 and I throw just like a fastball no karate chop crap or doorknob crap and it moves like a cutter and puts no pain on my arm. What causes the stress on the arm like u say?

youngsters tend to went crazy movements on their pitches and they get away from the main point of pitching being to hit their spot and change speed. right now you get away because hitters arent used to see breaking pitches but when youll grow older your cutters, sliders and curveballs will get hit hard just because you never learned to set him up. when you see guys in the big leagues getting hitters out with a curveball, the pitch was setted up, the hitter was thinking fastball or thinking outside or thinking inside. i hope you guys get to understand that before its too late and you cant catch up with other kids who learned control.

I’m not no master at it but I hear about that so much high inside fastball that sets up the change up change up that sets up the fastball and so on.

Great reply… every parent of a 9-14 yr old should see this. My son only throws a 4S/2S/CU… in part due to health but primarily to make sure he learns the art of pitching. Junk ball kids at 13 will be out of pitching most likely at 17… not due to injury but the lack of establishing command, change of speed/location etc. as the previous reply states.

I dont agree with that because i am 13 and i throw some weird pitches. But it all depends on what you work on. Like i work on my fastballs mostly and then my breaking balls, so you cant just make that assumption.

as a 13 year old, as mature as you think you are, you still don’t know anything abou pitching. and that is true for any other 13 year old. either you take the breaking balls and weird pitches and become a junkballer who will regret later on he didnt learned to pitch a good fastball when he was younger, or you learn to throw a good fastball at a young age with good mechanics and good control and later on add some weird pitches at your will to complimate your fastball and realise that guy on that forum actually knew what he was talking about. in the end, if you really pitch just to see you ball move 3 feet every time it leaves you hand, might as well drop baseball and start playing wiffleball in your backyard.

save this comment to your favourite in your computer with a tag reading “To be read at the age of 16 year old” and see if i actually was wrong or right.

I do focus on my fastball, the most, then my change-up comes afterwards, then after awhile of working on them, i throw some off speed stuff. But I know what you mean, i just dont throw my breaking stuff that often unless i need to, besides my splitter.

unless you have very big hands for your age i highly doubt you can throw an effective splitter. i could be wrong though. i wish i am and i wish you can throw a good split it just isnt likely.

im 6 ft tall and still have pretty big hands for my size. I guess the only “junk” pitch i have is a knuckle curve, which isnt used a whole lot.

basically, junkballing is just throwing too much pitches. meaning throwing junk out there and getting out batters with smoke and mirrors basically.

you could throw a fastball eephus and screwball, if you perfect them and make them into great out pitches you arnt a junkballer.

alright, but what was all this talk about junk pitching then?

guys who end up throwing more change up curveballs and other breaking balls then they actually throw fastballsbecause basically they dont have a fastball.