Cut out the heart of the Mets and Stomped it Flat

Man was that a death blow my Cubbies whacked on those Mets tonight or what?
I mean the last 4 innings they had a runner at third with less than 2 out and just couldn’t go for the gold…Omar better watch it, he’s gonna be on Monster dot com updating the resume…couldn’t happen to a more deserving GM.
One thing that was of interest to me (Besides the Cubs winning yet another against the hated Mets) was I don’t think a single breaking ball went for a called strike tonight…fastball was the pitch and idk how many walks and it didn’t seem that anyone could get an off speed or breaking pitch into the zone…really frustrating for the pitchers…and me.
Oh well vengence for 69 I think :wink: They (The Mets) don’t want to see that color blue again this year :smiley:

i personally hope the brewers win it. not that i dont like the mets(even though i dont) its just that there bullpens to week to even have a glimpse of hope at making it past the first round.

No offense to you Mets Fans out there, but I personally hope they choke bigtime and fail in September again :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the Mets but I would love to see them choke again

Frankly the Mets suck and they are not going to do anything this year.

Everytime the Mets win, a cat dies.

wow thats alot of cats :cry: :cry:

Thank you Kaz for being the only other met fan on this forum even though I can tell your more of a rays fan.

mets dont deserve to be in the post season. there complete garbage, brewers won tonight i hope they keep it up. brewers have a much better chance at making it past the first round. if mets take it, it will be a waste of a playoff birth

I only reason I semi-like the Mets is because I feel bad for them for trading super-prospect Kazmir for basically nobody :smiley:

VICTOR ZAMBRANO!!! Boy was that a deal.

Phillies clinch, amazing double play by J-roll.

doesnt matter the mets will get the wild card, idk how but they will, and beat the cubbies just watch

Lets see… Sabathia for the Brew, O. Perez for the Mets.

I like CC.

olli will throw the first no-no in mets history, on the last day of shea

“O-no” Perez will walk 6 batters including one with bases loaded then give up a bases loaded double to Mike Jacobs.

I know things.

Besides, the Mets are over-achievers. Even you’re announcer thinks so. The production from guys like Tatis and Easley is a fluke and is unrepeatable. The Mets are one-and-done. Of all the teams in the Majors, they’re just about ready to spit the bit.

Maybe you should move to the Bronx and jump on the Yank-wagon. Sorry, Manhattan and Queens are great and all, but not the Mets.

Amen. Perez is inconsistent, and even though he hasn’t lost since August 3rd his walks will catch up to him. Olsen might not pitch too well but CC should dominate and Brew Crew should win.