Cut Fastball

Can someone send me pictures on how they hold the cut fastball? I found a way i dunno if it’s good or not but my coach said it’s a pretty good pitch and got me a few strikeouts in practice. I will get a picture later but all i do it get in a 2-seam grip then move my pointer finger right until it’s on the right seam and my middle finger is sorta hanging off. When i throw i don’t doorknob I just think really hard to throw it like a fastball think of my mechanics swing my hand right past the catcher down to the left side of my body and bam it’s got anywhere from 4 inches to almost a foot of movement depending on how hard i throw it. it’s pretty much side to side not too much down but it’s worked pretty good for me. I usually throw batting practice and i always give it to my left handed friends who take a nice hack out of it almost hitting themselves in the hands swinging at it. Then look at me with a surprised look on their face

Any advice?

There are several ways to throw the Cutter. I would say the easiest way to learn it is to just put pressure on your middle finger. For example, hold the ball like a two-seam fastball and if you are right-handed put pressure on the right seam. In theory as you release the ball your middle finger is the last point where the ball is in contact with your hand and since you are putting pressure on it it will come out with more movement similar to a slider.

Other grips I have seen is the two-seam fastball where you hold it accross the seams and also with a typical curveball grip without rotating your wrist like a curve.

This pitch takes practice and because of the hand and wrist position at the point of release some pitchers are never able to get this pitch to work though with a lot of pracitce I am sure you will get it.

i’ve read a handful of ways to throw it…the easiest way for me to throw it is like norm charlton describes a slider. I don’t twist my arm or anything i just try to release the ball off the inside of my right index finger being on the side of the ball. I just try and get it to roll off the side of that finger and i get good cutting action.

It’s not as “late” a cut as i’d prefer, but it cuts and its affective enough for when i use it.

I usually just use it as a show me pitch inside to lefties, and i throw it outside ot righties every now and then. It’s not one of my main pitches

When I throw my cutter, I just use a two seam grip, and I move my thumb to the right, so it is more on the side of the ball, rather than under it. It breaks much like my two seamer, but the lateral movement is left, away from righties rather than into them.

i find the best way to throw a cutter is to hold the ball as if you were throwing a 4 seamer. Then rotate your index and middle finger 45 degrees clockwise. (For a righty) Then when throwing it, put pressure on the ball with your middle finger.