Cut Fastball better against left handers or right handers?

Cut Fastball better against left handers or right handers? I’ll take answers from any point of view, although they need an explanation, please.

Watch Mariano Rivera.
The way he throws that cut fastball of his, it really doesn’t make any difference whether he’s facing a righthanded or a lefthanded hitter; they know it’s coming, they know he’s going to throw it, and they can’t hit it for sour apples. I’ve watched him so many times, and the result is always the same—he has that easy windup that almost puts you to sleep, and then the ball just explodes on the hitters; he’ll throw that pitch anywhere from 93 to 98 MPH, and the result is often something like what happened a couple of nights ago when he just struck out the side, good morning, good afternoon and good night. (sigh) I wish I had that pitch. 8)

Not sure if this is much help, but my son (just turned 11) uses his 2-seamer and cutter on RH, cutter and slider for LH.

If it’s moving, RH or LH doesn’t seem to matter with the cutter. But his 2-seamer seems to move in the direction of the LH bat (away and down from the LH); therefore, he now uses the slider for LH hitters. He’s been effective with the cutter from both sides of the plate.

I don’t think it’s a factor of if a cutter is better on left hand hitters or right hand hitters, but instead you have to factor the quality of the cutter itself from the pitcher.

A good cutter coming in on a left hand hitter and a good cutter coming in on a right hand hitter is going to be effective not matter what.


it depends on if your a lefty. now if your a righty dont throw it to a righty unless its like mo’s cutter. it will break into the batters barrel. for a lefty its the perfect pitch. vice versa for lefty. in cases where its a righty throw a 2 seamer at um