Well i’ve been throwing a curveball for some time now. a year by the end of this summer. I’m about to turn 14 I can throw the Ball 75 mph. and well I started off this year throwing a cutter and it turned in to a curveball so I have now turned it in to a 4 seam slurve. and well all of the sudden it hurtin me. I’m not short armin it. I’ve watched tape. my coach tells me I should throw a 12-6 curve, and should keep my Hand inside my elbow. now my arm is sore as anything and am scheduled to pitch a 7 inning game tomarrow!! Help

I don’t know whether your mechanics are out of whack with regard to the curve ball or whether you just started throwing the darn thing too soon—but if your arm is hurting, you need to stop throwing and have an orthopedic specialist take a look at it. For the most part, age 12 or 13 is a bit too soon to start throwing a curve ball; you should have waited until about 14 or 15 to get into it. Oh, I know, I had a curve ball at age 11, but that one came attached to my natural sidearm delivery, and I threw mine with a karate-chop wrist action and had no problems with it; I preferred at the time to experiment with a few changeups like the palm ball (very nice pitch).
Meanwhile, stick with the fast ball and a changeup or two; the other stuff can come later. You have to take care of that arm. 8)

Hilton—one thing you don’t want to do is wind up on the DL, but if the curve ball is doing that to your arm you probably will. My advice is, for the time being, lay off the curve altogether and concentrate on the fast ball and the changeup. And think about this—a lot of pitchers who are having problems with the curve have found the slider, believe it or not, to be an easier pitch to throw and control, and when thrown correctly the slider is actually easier on the arm, the elbow and the shoulder than just about anything else. Then, if you decide you want to go that route, learn it from a professional pitcher who throws a good one and who can instruct you in the correct way to throw it. 8)