Curveballs, what age?

How old were you when you first started throwing some sort of breaking pitch? When you started throwing it how many times would you throw it in a game, and when were you able to start using it as much as college and professionals?

Starting messing with a curve around 13. I know it was/is dangerous but Ive always been on my own when it comes to baseball so there was no one to really tell me it was bad. I would throw it to my brother who didnt no any better then I did. I never threw it in a game until last year, when I was 15 1/2. I still am trying to perfect it and have since developed two different curves. I would say that I could throw it as much as pros and college players but there isnt really a purpose for me to be doing that.

I would say about 14-15 yr old is when you should be able to start using breaking pitches , anything younger might be a little dangerous.But at that point i dont think a slider would be a good breaking pitch to leanr…still kinda dangerous.most kids start throwing curves as their secondary pitch but i think you should learn a change up first as a secondary.

Trevor Hoffman didn’t throw a curveball until he was in college.

I would suggest that anyone wait until they were 16 or 17 and the growth plates in their arms have closed.

Until then, work on location and changing speeds.

I learned how to throw a curve on the beginning of this year, 17yr.
Actually I started pitching this year also.

I’m trying to develop a circle change now and I kind of put the curve away.
I didn’t throw it often on the games. I pretty much relied on my fastball. I would say I would throw at the most about 5 curves in a game.

I have a question.
Since I never pitched before being 17, would, start throwing a curveball soon after you started pitching, be really bad on the arm?

[quote=“KreGg”]I have a question.
Since I never pitched before being 17, would, start throwing a curveball soon after you started pitching, be really bad on the arm?[/quote]

I don’t think so, as long as your arm is properly conditioned and you don’t try to throw too many too quickly.

I agree with you Chris, many people in the major leagues, Harold Reynolds for a fact, all think a good changeup is the hardest pitch to throw so not only will you arm be healithier by holding off on a curve and using the change, but mastering this pitch at any earlier age will help with the success of the pitcher, win win situation i think.

I started working on a curveball, like actually working on it my freshman year in high school. I don’t even really throw it that much. My location was very good this season, only walking 3 in 13.2 innings, while K’ing 14. Most on just working in and out with my fastball. Occasionally throwing a fastball up and in on an 0-2 count, and coming back with a curveball that starts right at them and catches the corner. I love seeing the batters duck out of the way only to have it drop right over the plate. Best feeling in the world.

My sons othropedic guy said 14 & 1/2.There is also the problem of tendonitous as well as “little league elbow” when ever you lead with the heel of your hand. Slider and “Hard Curveball” (ala Eric Milton) proabably 16 & 1/2. Ian

I leant mine when I was 14 and 1/2 put didnt throw it in games for a year after that

I throw it right now. I’m 14, almost 15. I throw it 6-7 times at tops in games.

I started throwing the hook when I was between 14 and 15. I didn’t throw it much until this year which I’m now 16. Then I threw it quite often and it is a pretty dirty pitch. It just really keeps hitters off balance. But what’s important is to locate your fastball and changeup first before going to breaking pitches.

no wonder why i needed surgery on my elbow last year. i was shown and thre a curveball when i was 12 only 5 maybe 6 times a game and it increased until i was about 16 or 17 when i threw with some regularity

I was a freshman in high school when i started to throw a curve. I believe that everyones bodys are different and develope at different speeds. The way i look at it is if you are growing facial hair then your most likely its ok to start learning how, but if your not, your body most likely isnt ready for it.