i’m experimenting with a knucklecurve and it doesn’t seem that different to throw than a regular curveball. i was just wondering what everyones breaking ball preference between a curve and knucklecurve.

It is thrown very differently than a regular curveball and as a result is much safer (no supinating of the forearm).

i throw a knucklecurve and i find that it breaks sharper than just a regular curve but i also am left handed and have a weird arm motion.

my curveball goes at a batter and breaks over the plate

my knucklecurve starts on the plate and finishes on the plate, its a 12-6

the thing i like about a knucklecurve is i can throw it as hard as my fastball and get a nice sinking fastball like action, and i can also throw it extremely slow to keep hitters off balanced

I can’t throw a knuckleball for anything. My two main pitches were fastball and screwball. I learnt my screwgie before my curve. I finally learned my curve, it was a 2-7, not great…then I forgot it coz I buggered my arm up badly, I started throwing a change (a pitch I always hated) and it turned out to be my nastiest pitch, then i learned my curve again and now its a 12-6.
I like to keep it simple. I still throw my screwball though…great pitch.