i was taught if u turn ur hand left u can throw a curve ball without snapping ur wrist. i do this and snap my wrist so i get like a 3 to 9 curve.
any ideas how to throw a 12-6 curve

its really not possible to get exact 12 6 break
put your index and middle finger on 1 side of the u
then put your thumb on the opposite seam
throw it with the back of your fingers facing home plate at release

also Josh Beckett style
use the regular curve grip
lift your index finger up so it doesn’t make contact
then throw it

Just make sure whoever is catching it knows you’re throwing it, my CF didn’t tell me and now I’m jacked up.

If you are getting 3-9 break and are not throwing sidearm you’re not throwing the curve ball properly. Check steve’s how to throw pitches article, and if you have questions -I will try to answer, Ian.

sounds almost like a screwball