I was throwing my first “Bullpen” session this season (if thats what you call throwing to my dad at a ballpark mound) and i have noticed that my fastball and change have developed to a point where i thought they couldnt go a year ago when i really got into pitching seriously after hearing that i had potential to be really good from a former major leaguer. Anyways, he told me not to worry about throwing “anything other than my 4 seam heater and changeup at first” so i really didnt mess around with breaking stuff all of last year.I am going to enter a league on April 5th and go for being the main pitcher for my team. I have been browsing around this site for the last couple of days and seen a lot on breaking pitches and learning them properly from a coach and such.

My question is basically, what is the most convinent breaking ball for a pitcher to try and pick up? In other words, which is has the least strain on a developing arm.


Because it uses a minimal amount of supination. But you still need to set the angle before the hand starts forward and maintain that angle through release. Any addition supination during forward acceleration will hurt the elbow.

Thanks Roger, i have been really looking for something to add to the fastball and changeup
i really havent looked into a cutter,
is it thrown with a 2 or 4 seam grip? and exactly how should i release it?

2-seam grip would let you put the middle finger on a seam to get a little more bite and impart more spin. I teach breaking balls the way the NPA teaches them - preset hand angles. So, if a fastball is thrown with the hand behind the ball then a curve is throwing with the hand supinated 90 degrees (ie. hand is on the side of the ball). A slider is half a curve (i.e. 45 degrees of supination) and a cutter is half a slider (i.e 22.5 degrees of supination).

The cutter should break down and away only about 6" - 8" with late movement.

Remember to preset the hand angle before the arm starts forward and maintain that angle through release.

Splitter. its very easy to learn and very effective. Just spread your fingers apart on the ball and throw it like a fastball.