i have been pitching for 5 or 6 years now and i am going into highschool. i have a slider that i pitch. will the slider hurt my arm if i keep throwing it and when is the right time for me to start throwing the curve? i also throw a 2 seam fastball, and a changeup.

If by going into high school you mean 9th grade then your around 15-16 and that’s not a good idea.

17 at least to wait for a slider.

There are alternative breaking pitches, curveball, cutter lots of others. Curveball would be fine to start at your age if your 15+

Whats your age?

i was taught to throw a slider like a football. is that still going to hurt my arm?

How old are you?

Bower must get tired of telling people not to throw slider until 17-18 you should just put it in your signature :smiley:

You say you’ve been pitching a slider ehh, well wait on that. Try a safety curve or just use your change-up.