Alright well this year was the first year I’ve tried to throw a real breaking ball. I tried the slider (I’ve thrown it slow and fast but I’ve been trying to only throw it slow every once in a while to keep a hitter off balance) and it seems to be really easy to locate and I want to keep it as a pitch (of course I will still keep working on it and practicing with it) and it also seems to be quite effective. But I also want to try the curveball. I was just wondering which grips you guys use and which curveball is more effective for you and has the most drop. Thanks.

Oh and one last question. The Curveball grip I saw on this site seems to be the slider grip but tilted so your thumb is now on the top, is that how its suppose to be or am I just stupid and not seeing it right?

do you know the standard curveball grip? (pointer and middle finger together against one seam, and the thumb on the opposite seam)

if so use that

BUT!! make sure that your thumb is bent at 90 degrees like hitchhikers thumb. This will cause it to partially be off the the ball put the part that is on should help push the ball for rotation.

also make sure you don’t throw it side arm like a slider or a slurve. Throw it over the top.

*You should throw it like your fastball (armslot,…)

AND follow through on it. Don’t make the the big mistake of stopping half way through after the ball is thrown. follow through like ur FB

hopefully this helped

What Chris said. Also, when you throw it think pull down not snap off.

i totally agree i just started throwing it like yesterday but i use kind of a weird grip its like where the seams are parallel going from left to right but then i grip it wit index and middle on 1 seam then thumb on the opposite one (kinda hard to explain but i tried)