I recently started trying to change my curveball a bit. its getting good break downwards, but the speed is way off compared to my fastball. So i tried speeding it up. im getting in a hard wrist-flick. but its just getting hard spin, no break. any help?

Curve balls are change ups, you need to keep your arm speed the same as a fastball but the speed should be 12-15 mph off of the fastball, now you can throw it harder and try to get later break to it but it requires more spin on the ball.

You don’t have to worry about the speed. There are several different varieties of curve ball, ranging from the slow curve all the way to the one that’s almost as fast as the fast ball. It all has to do with the grip—you can change speeds on that pitch by tightening or loosening the grip, or by otherwise altering it. You can get a good sharp break on it by throwing it with a karate-chop wrist snap. You can throw a knuckle-curve—that’s a very nice pitch. The important thing to remember is that you DON’T slow down your arm motion or your arm speed; you need to throw all your pitches with the same motion and speed as you do your fast ball—one thing you do NOT want to do is telegraph your pitches!
So go ahead and experiment. You’re bound to find a couple of breaking pitches you can live with and that you can throw effectively. :slight_smile: 8)

I wouldnt worry too much about velocity on your curve. If you take a look at Josh Becket hes got a very hard and sharp curve which works well for him. But if you look at a guy like Barry Zito his is much slower w/ a lot more break. You need to experiment and see which speed and break gets you the most outs. Personally when i wanted to throw a curve with a little more velocity and keep the more break i really had to exaggerate getting extension. Typically the more extension you get on the ball the more rotation and break you will have. Same goes for your fast ball and creating more backspin/velocity. Just make sure you keep the same arm speed as you do on your fastball.