I am entering my senior year in high school and my curveball is just not what it needs to be. I throw a fastball( 88-91)splitter, and a curve. My splitter is great and thats why i really havent needed have my curveball to be a plus pitch, because my split is a plus pitch. But now i am commited to a D1 school and I know im gonna need a curveball that actually works.
The way i hold it is across the thinnest part of the seams along the horseshoe. If there are any tips or drills that could get me to improve this pitch, please tell me. I really just want to get more bite and a little bit more drop. I also throw a change, i just havent gotten enough confidence to throw it in a game.

Good morning, Cowboy.
Actually, there’s nothing the matter with your grip—there are many different ways to grip the ball for a curve and yours is just one of them. What you need is the right kind of wrist action. When I played, many moons ago, I had a curveball (that came attached to my natural sidearm delivery), and by experimenting I found my way to get a good sharp break on the pitch: I threw it with a sharp karate-chop wrist action, and baby did that curve ever break! And being a sidearmer, I also used the crossfire extensively—that’s a move that will work only with a sidearm delivery—and the batters did not like it at all. They would return to the dugout foaming at the mouth.
As for a changeup, there’s a whole closetful of them to choose from, and so you can pick and choose. The palm ball, for example—that was the first change I picked up. The circle change—you’ll have no problem with that one if your hand is large enough, and I suspect it is because you have a very good split-finger pitch. You might even want to find a pitching coach, preferably a professional, and ask him to teach you how to throw a good slider—strictly speaking, that’s not a changeup but a member of the fastball family, but you can change up on it. I might add that the slider, when thrown correctly, is actually easier on the arm and shoulder than just about anything else because you don’t snap your wrist, you just turn it over. I know first hand, because that was my strikeout pitch for about nineteen years.
So go to it, and best of luck with your new college team. :slight_smile: 8)

If your looking to add a breaking pitch just go out and throw and just don’t keep your fingers behind the ball as you would a fastball and your bound to find something you like.

Sorry to interrupt, but what school are you comitted to cowboy?

work on trying different release points and different places to snap the wrist. by the way i wouldnt suggest throwing a 12-6. i think u should try throwing a slurve instead. it is one great pitch

The way I throw my slider–

  1. Fastball mechanics until the ball passes your head.

  2. Instead of having your fingers behind the ball, there should be a slight cock in your wrist so that you are on the outside of the ball.

  3. When you come to release you should pronate THROUGH the ball.

Roger Clemens gives us a perfect example of how a slider is thrown—

I would work on your changeup, honestly. There are different mechanics to a splitter and a fastball, so if you can mix in an offspeed where you have fastball mechanics, you will be set. The splitter will be hard enough on your arm. You dont need any spinners.