I’m gonna be a freshman this year and i’m gonna have to start throwing different pitches pther than just fastballs and change-ups. I know that i can throw a sinker and a slider. But i wanted to get a curveball in there, i know its not good for a young players arm so i was wondering if there was any other grips or ways to move your wrist or arm that wouldn’t be bad for your arm in the long run?

Hold it starting out like a 2 seam fastball then move your fingers to one side of the ball (left for lefties right for righties) past the seams and slide your fingers up about 1/2 an inch. Then move your thumb along the seams opposite of the side your index and middle are on. Now you have the grip simply throw the curveball snapping your fingers when you throw it. If done properly and slightly tinkered to how it suites you then you will start seeing your curveball do what you want it too and doesn’t hurt the arm as much in the long run.

You could try a knuckle curve.

I agree that the key to make a curveball safer is to throw it by snapping the fingers rather than by twisting the wrist. However, this is easier if you have strong hands and/or long fingers.