I am almost 13 years old and I really really want to throw a curveball, can someone help me? Is it safe for me to throw a curveball at around age 13?


Before we attempt to guide you in a helpful way, why do you think you need to learn a curveball? What other pitches do you throw? How fast? Do you throw a changeup? How effective is it?

Well, I dont really throw a lot of pitches. I remember one game in little league, I was pitching I had 2 strikes on the batter, and I said to myself “I am going to try to throw a change up” So I threw it and he swung so early and struck out, I think that was my best change up ever. But I really want to throw a curveball, I think its cool, and I want to throw one. I can throw a fastball, i dont know how fast, I have pretty good aim with it. I wouldnt say I strike to many people out but I am pretty good.

Here is some general information that may help you:

  1. You can find pictures of a suitable curveball grip almost anywhere–there is more than one way to grip the ball for a curve, and the exact grip that you choose is probably less important than the following information:

  2. The curve should be released with a firm ‘karate-chop’ motion toward the target. That is, if you are a right-handed pitcher with a 3/4 arm angle, your index and middle fingers will be on the right side of the ball at release as you are making your karate chop toward the target. The ball will roll over the top of your index finger and so it will have top-spin on it. The top-spin is what makes the curve break down more than gravity alone would do.

  3. Despite what misinformed kids or coaches may tell you–there should never be a ‘twist of the wrist’ when throwing the curveball. Some people will tell you to ‘turn the doorknob’ at release, or to ‘twist your wrist’ at release–they are dead wrong. Not only does that not help get “curve” on a curveball, it may very likely hurt your elbow to release a curveball in that way.

  4. If you are a 3/4 or “over-the-top” thrower, you should get lots of downward break on your curveball. If you are more of a sidearm thrower, your curveball will probably come out of your hand more like a slider (i.e., with off-center football-like spin to it).

please listen to laflippin, he’s right on.