Curveball troubles

No matter how hard I try, I can’t throw a curveball. I have a decent arm but I am unable to throw it. I am pretty sure I have the grip down I just don’t know how to throw it.

Try a knuckle curve, thrown like a fastball but has a different grip. Here is the grip my son uses, gets nasty break out of it.

Try this out:

Take the baseball with your curveball grip. Hold the ball out in front of you like you are throwing a fastball. Now turn you hand inward, keeping your arm straight, pointing your index finger, middle finger, and thumb to the left. It is similar to pulling a string or chain to an older light. I dont know how to post vids yet, but when I can I will let you know. Or if you PM your email to me, I can just send it to you. Now when you throw the pitch, do a fastball motion, and at the release point, break it to the light string action and snap your fingers. Try not to move the ball with your thumb. Most of the action is created by your middle finger.

My son who is 14 started messing with a knuckle curve as well this year and the thing breaks like crazy.

He grips it a little different than your son but is getting great results.

I remember when I picked up the knuckle-curve. I was about twelve years old, and I wanted to try a plain old knuckleball but I got nowhere fast with it because I threw my curveball with a sharp karate-chop wrist snap and the pitch broke like crazy, which a knuckleball isn’t supposed to do. So I experimented with different knuckleball grips—and voila, I had a knuckle-curve. (I think Mike Mussina picked his up the same way at a similar age.) You can use several different knuckleball grips for this pitch; just remember to throw it with the same arm motion and the same arm speed as for the fast ball, and if you use that karate-chop wrist action you have a pitch that will have batters tearing their hair out by the roots (that is, assuming they have hair). the knuckle-curve became my second-best pitch (my first was a killer slider). 8) :slight_smile:

when you say karate chop wrist action what do you mean?

Exactly what it means—a sharp downward wrist snap. Ever see one of those karate experts break a board in two? That’s how they do it.