Curveball tip

Sup guys

Well i got the curve to have a sharp break

I breaks hard and down about a foot but
i cant throw it for a strike

it always breaks very low .
How can i get it up for a strike

Throw through your target. I know it sounds…ummmm cliche I guess, but most guys I’ve met who have trouble like this with the curve are more concerned with concentrating on the mechanical aspect of getting it to break and end up snapping it off, usually in the dirt…sometimes in front of the plate…another reason this isn’t positive is it shows your pitch. Flow to the target and project your body and pitch to the target…It’s pretty cool when you get the feel of it and then you feel unbeatable.

The curve referenced is a great pitch, but it’s important to realize that you can have several differnet curveballs for various situations. The sharp hook in the dirt is a great chase pitch, when you are ahead ( or have 1B open ) and want the hitter to expand the strike zone. Of course to be effective with this at some point you need to establish the fact that you can throw it for a called strike … for this curve I like to pick out a spot on the hitter , say front elbow, to use as a reference for my release point. As JD suggests , it really is a feel thing … repetition and experience with the pitch are they keys to developing that feel .