Curveball, slider or cutter?

If you yourself could start all over again…or if you were working with a young pitcher right now who is just about ready to learn a breaking pitch, which one would you learn or teach and why?

The curve ball. Its easier to explain and understand compared to cutter and slider, imo. And its basically unhittable in youth

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If I were working with a young pitcher, I’d go with the slider.

I say this because a youngster would be learning how to control a four seam fastball with location first (assuming), thus keeping that mindset with a pitch that’s cousin to what he’s/she’s already use to, would seem to be a follow through of what is already in the pipeline.

I would also concentrate on blending those two pitches in a workable combination that would give evidence to commanding the count, favorable to that pitcher - thus reinforcing a positive learning curve of what-when-n-why each pitch does, and can accomplish in various situations.

The slider is in the fastball family of pitches

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