Curveball Question

Do you think you get better break on a curve by having your middle finger along the seam or your index finger? I haven’t had my curve at all for a while now so I’m thinking I might try this grip.

Any opinions or anything?

For me I use my middle finger. I was taught that if you have your index finger on the ball it’s a slider, not a curve ball.

Most kids and adults that I’ve seen throw a curveball they use their middle finger. An index finger on the ball does not make the curveball a slider. Hand position at release will determine which breaking ball a player throws.

I use my middle finger just on/behind the seam. It feels a lot more comfortable for me.

As Hammer said, the critical part of a curve is wrist / hand position. Should be thrown with a stiff wrist, released out of a tight grip. Arm motion pulls downward.
Don’t ‘cast’ your curve, don’t ‘snap’ your wrist. Don’t release with thumb up.

I suspect you’ve heard all this before, so just by way of reminder… :wink:



I use the middle finger