Curveball problem

Why is it that i can’t get a good break on my curveball unless I have a batter? It just wont break as much as it does in games.

I’ve noticed that as well. Whenever I’m throwing with a friend, I try to throw a breaking pitch but it just doesn’t seem to break like it would in comparison to one in a game. I’d guess that the eyes try to fool the pitcher after he’s thrown his pitch. For instance, if I throw to one of my friends and it hardly breaks then I ask them. If they say no then there’s no controversy there. However, when you’re throwing in a game and the ball breaks slightly and the batter misses, I’d think “Alright, that one worked”. I guess it just depends on what angle you’re looking at it from.

Speed up your arm. You probably do this in games but slow down your arm in practice, without a hitter.

Post video, if you’ve got it!

where are you aiming / what is your intended target ?

I’ve tried diffferent spots, no matter where I try to hit I can’t get a good break at all.