Curveball Problem

What do you do if your curveball it starts high but then it dives to the ground. My problems is that it drops the the ground to early i find that i throw it but like 2-4ft before it reaches plate it just dives down and like drops befroe cachers mitt. How do i correct this.

you’ve gotta work on finding the right release point…if it’s lower then your wanting it to be then your probably holding on to the ball a split second too long

Well said Taylor, also try using a little less pressure with your fingers too this will help with holding onto the ball too long. If that doesnt work, change the point where you are looking to throw it. If your mark is the batters front shoulder, and you find you are low. Try throwing it at his head this might help you bring the ball up a little bit.

this last year i started throwing a curveball, my coach said that it had very good movement, but it was diving into the ground before the plate. i didn’t know how to fix it until i was told that i drop my arm a little when i try to throw it. after making sure i was throwing it the same slot as a fastball, it is going into the strikezone.

correct it? you should be ecstatic a 12 - 6 hammer? start it off higher.

With a curveball, the basics are very hard to get down: 1.) You have to throw with your hand on top of the ball 2.) You should have more pressure on your middle finger than your index finger 3.) Snap your hand down sharply and pull with your middle finger. Basically if your hitting the ground this means your just not throwing it correctly and not getting the correct spin on the ball. To have a good curve, you have to be able to throw hard but get enough spin. Work on it all offseason and i’m sure you will get it down.

Although a higher release point might help you get the ball in the strike zone it might also result in a hanging curve. The more you release the ball upwards the less it actually breaks given the same amount of spin.

If you can do so without major changes I’d recommend throwing the pitch a bit harder or taking some spin off it. You’ll just have to experiment with it to see which approach works best for you.

like taylor said you may need to find another release point or stay on top of the ball more

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