Curveball or slider?

right now i have a good fastball decent change-up and a good curveball. i was wanting to know if a curveball or a slider would be a better pitch to throw. and which one puts less stress on your arm.

It depends on the pitcher throwing the pitch, Ian.

It also depends on the batter you’re facing. Some batters can hit one but not the other. Some will go after either pitch no matter where it is—you’ve seen them, they will hit anything anywhere, and with such a hitter the best thing may be simply to put them on and take your chances with the next one. When I was pitching, the slider was my strikeout pitch—I had a nasty one with a sharp break—and when I would use the crossfire move with it (I was a sidearmer, pure and simple), you should have seen what happened to that hitter when he struck out trying to get a piece of it! He would lose his balance and fall over on his tush with his arms and legs up in the air like some overturned bug.
So you use whichever pitch is comfortable for you, whichever one you have better control over. I threw both. 8)

i think the curve puts les stress and a 1-7 or 2-8 curve/slider is the most effective. Also changing speeds helps to.

adamsmith, what is your made up pitch? What does it do?

if a ball is going to have alot of horizontal movement, a la 2-8 it better be fast and have alot of break. when a ball is just flat and moving like that you can take it to any field with alot of power. best curve is easily a 12-6, hard to read the spin and when the bottom just falls out its devastating.

For me I know when I’m hitting that a 12/6-2/8 is easy to hit. Now if someone throws me a sidearm 3-9 curve I will always have trouble with it. But that’s just me.